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Too Intelligent Buyers: Playing Mind Games



I am a seller here since 2011. I have seen many transformation stages of Fiverr and it’s ToS updates. After implementing the new level system (with metrics to maintain more than 90%), I have observed that many buyers are playing mind games with sellers.

Here are some examples that i faced with some (too) intelligent buyers:
Scenario 1: Last month i got an order for creating a set of social media post designs. The buyer also requested me to purchase some stock images to use in the post designs. I have purchased few stock images using my card and completed the project and sent the files to the buyer. he was really happy with the designs (this was happened around 1 am my time).

When i wake up and check the order got cancelled. Okay it is not new to me as many times happened to me after receiving the files many buyers did paypal charge backs. But this project is a big project and i spent some amount to buy stock images.

So in this scenario buyer has all benefits as he got his designs including paid stock images and not even paid a single penny. As a seller i lost my own money for purchasing stock images, i lost my rating because of paypal charge back cancellation (without my fault i lost my rating).

The same buyer contacted me again through his business partner account and requested for more banner designs and he promised that he will pay properly this time. I have contacted fiverr support and they said that don’t send any custom offer as they need to review the buyers account. I did not sent him any offer or messages after.

Scenario 2: Currently i am working with a buyer. He is very very Intelligent. I always mention that if the buyer has any doubt or custom design work then contact me through inbox message prior ordering my gig. This buyer ordered with my backdrop banner design gig and send a template of product packaging.

He directly ordered my gig without contacting me, as i am not offering label design with any of my gigs. He stated that all my banner designs looks good and he needs a different design work than the backdrop design. He sent 1 template with 3 different designs of product label, product packaging for 2 different sizes.

I have already lost my rating because of last month’s charge back order. So i have decided to do not cancel this order and started working on it. initially he did not send clear instructions for this packaging details. I would like to send him custom offer for the additional work through the same order page. If he do not accept then i have to work such a huge work for less price and spend more working hours. If i take customer support stating that this is not original scope of work (package design) of my gig, then will cancel this. But who is going to face the lose? I am (Seller) going to lose this order as well as my rating will go down again.

So many buyers are playing mind games with sellers as they no order cancellations will affect sellers rating and analytics. So they (only some buyers) are ordering gigs without contacting sellers and asking for different services or asking more work for less price.

Each and every seller working very hard to fulfill buyer’s requirement and giving them their best work. Because of these kind of buyers and order cancellations, it will surely affect sellers motivation levels.(lot of mental tension to handle additional work rather cancelling the order).

I know many sellers raised these issues in forum. Fiverr support team kindly take action about these kind of buyers and paypal charge backs. Do something and protect sellers from these kind of too intelligent or fraud buyers.



These kinds of buyers (like the one in the first scenario) are not clever, they are just scammers and cheap.
For the second scenario, it is the exact opposite of being very very intelligent as you described them, because you said in your gig that you clearly mentioned to be contacted before purchasing, and the buyer did not.


They are very very intelligent buyers (because they are not new here ordering many gigs with different sellers) and they know how to get their work. I am mentioning these buyers as intelligent because of my personal experience dealing with many buyers here.

I am not mention all buyers only few of them. I have many regular and wonderful, understanding and polite buyers since 2011.