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Too large size.. Errr VFX sellers help

Good day everyone.

Recently i opened up a video editing gig on fiverr, and things are looking really great.

Now people are constantly trying to send their vids and i have to deliver my finished work as well. But file size is too large to attach on fiverr.

So, i suggest client to use sendspace to upload and send the links to me. I do the same as well.

What do you guys do? Does fiverr allow such delivery? What would be the best way?

Thanks in advance

I have always used DropBox to transfer my Animation files. Fiverr has never had a problem with DropBox.


I use dropbox or google drive.

As already suggested you can use any cloud service like drive, dropbox, mega and so me nay other, I personally use dropbox and buyers also I see that lot of them share dropbox links so I think is the most use.