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Too Late delivery

I have an on-going order which is in “Too Late” status now and almost 20-25 days late. So, I can’t even extend the delivery now as I’m not getting extension option for this order. Not going into the reasons. The client is very understanding and have no issue with the late delivery. What effect this will have on my ratings and On-Time Delivery % ? can anyone guide a best way out of this situation. I’m a Level One seller and don’t want any negative impact on my profile. Please guide.


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Put simply, there is no ‘way out’. Actions have consequences. It’s great that your Buyer is understanding and hasn’t canceled the order, and that you’re still being paid for your work.

Most stats affect your account for 60 days. If you loose your level, you can probably get it back after that timeframe quite easily.


Well, you’re too late.

The late delivery will stain your perfect status.

However, the good news is that after you complete a few more jobs on time, the late one won’t matter.

I have had late orders.

It happens.

You are not a robot.

Don’t try to be one.


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Thank you all for the quick response and for the welcome as well :slightly_smiling_face:

OMG, I am never talking to you again LOL

@hasanrathore As the others are saying, this one you cannot change. Lucky you have a supportive buyer. Finish it up as you can ASAP whilst your buyer is happy. Then sit down and work out how this happened so you can make sure it doesn’t happen again. What can you change in your gig description, FAQ, quoting process, Requirements section, your working processes (which can include family, like knowing school hols mean kids making noise)… to minimize this happening again.