Too many bad buyers lately


Before a week or so, I wrote about terrible buyer I had.

So to make this short.

Buyer agreed to presentation design when I sent him sample.

I did like we agreed. After 2 days, he insulted my worked and wanted completely different thing. I told support about it right away. They said they will “investigate it”

Buyer never asked for modification and when order was completed he told insulted me again about why I completed the gig.

I told him that he never replied on my questions on order page. So after few days he replied on my questions in inbox and again insulting me.

I stopped replying to him, because hell no, I wont talk to people like that. He got what we agreed to, now he wants completely different.

So after few days. Got email from support saying this and that about order. I explained them what happen and they told me that they understand and that they saw it about me asking work outside of order. But, that I should talk to buyer.

I asked them how I can talk to someone who is insulting me in every message. Support “We understand and we will monitor the conversation with our Trust & Safety Team, but please try to get back to the buyer”…

And today, I woke up, “ORDER WAS CANCELLED BY SUPPORT”. After more then 2 weeks when funds were cleared, they still cancelled order. Support will cancel orders anytime I guess.

So I guess support allows insulting, allows free work for buyers, standing always on buyer side.

P.S. Yeah, it is from same country we all have problems and yeah, he is new buyer on Fiverr.


Sounds like a PayPal chargeback, even if it says that it was cancelled by Support.


The longer you stay on Fiverr, the more weird experiences you will encounter. I’ve been on Fiverr since 2013 and I’ve spent about three whole years without even a four star review, all were 5 stars reviews. But lately, I’ve encountered a couple of fishy buyers who start the order very friendly and then say: “well, I truly like your style of drawing but this was not what I meant. Could you redraw it in another style?”. Well, first of all, it’s clearly stated in my gig description that I don’t draw in other artists styles. Secondly, my gig portfolio is full of samples of work I’ve delivered to hundreds of satisfied clients, some are 5 stars-reviewed while others are not reviewed but the buyers messaged me saying that they liked the work so much. What happened to you is pretty normal in the freelance marketplace all over the internet and it has nothing to do with your level as a seller, it happens to level 1 sellers and top rated sellers as well.


I also have a buyer who suddenly reappeared after the order was marked as complete and wanted something totally different from what we had agreed on. Basically support won’t cancel the order once it has been marked as complete and they find that the seller is on the right. But if the buyer complains to paypal, the order will be cancelled and the buyers account will be banned.


How am I supposed to buy a car with Fiverr money if PayPal keeps taking my money after successfully delivering the gig?

I sometimes wonder if it is even a good idea for anyone to buy a car with Fiverr money? if you buy a car, park it in the garage and wake up in the morning, you’ll find one tire missing with the sticky note “PayPal chargeback lol” :joy:

Another day, another tire missing. Another day, seat is gone. By the time one gets to drive the car, all parts are gone.


LOL…that was funny :joy:


You are so funny!!

A good laughter with my coffee before the hectic day at work - thank you!!



I don’t think that is paypal chargeback, he would be banned then. He is still here… Or Fiverr doesn’t ban paypal chargebacks anymore.

Every problems I had so far was with “new” buyers.

Its like, you go to restaurant, order some food. Eat it and say “Food is bad, I want different food”. Or in my case, you go to restaurant, they bring you some sample food, you like it, they cook whole meal, you eat it and say it is bad, I want another type of food…


It’s really weird, then. Support doesn’t normally refund orders after 2 weeks, that’s why I thought it was a PayPal chargeback.


But what with us hip urban freelancers who bike or uber and don´t need a new car but a new computer - if there´s a big chargeback and one morning there´s a smiley-sticker '‘Surprise, chargeback after 14 days, oh and while we´re here, remember you got gigs in your queue, don´t waste time reading this sticky, deliver!’ and the mainboard is gone, we can´t fiverr anymore! :scream_cat:


I saw 2 thread posts from 2 different sellers yesterday, where Fiverr returned the buyer’s money after few months of gig completion.


can you link to said threads please?


The Terms of Service still state: “Completed orders may be cancelled, upon review of our Customer Support team, up to 14 days after the order is marked as complete.”

Does anyone know what’s going on, then? A new policy? Several one-time exceptions?


@frank_d @catwriter
Here’s both guys:


thanks @djgodknows

It seems as though Fiverr is starting to act with some aggression towards buyers complaints?

I mean charge backs and refunds are one thing, but not allowing you to withdraw your funds is a whole other!


QC - Quality Control?

There’s also something new that’s being tested, not sure if you noticed, several sellers pointed it out on a thread few days back.

You know how all gigs show, “Starting at $5”?
Now they changed that to show "Starting at $20/$40/$80"
Basically display of gig prices got defaulted to your “Standard Price”.

Food for thought… :thinking:


Yes I remember seeing someone posting that, but it hasn’t been rolled out yet, not for me at least.

Are they trying to shift focus to better spenders, or agencies? that’s quite a change in their business model, but hey, they started a while back with packages+charge more than $5 as base.


I think Fiverr wants to change from being a $5 marketplace to something greater.
I think it’s all fine and good, business is expanding, costs are going up, why would you not think about higher possible revenue? OF COURSE!

But Frank, I think this would be a lot challenging for Fiverr with their name cast in stone to seriously start changing their core theme.

For e.g not sure if they exist in Greece, but there are stores in US called 99c stores, where EVERYTHING is 99c. Yes, you can buy some $5/$20 stuff there, but its synonymous for being a 99c STORE.

So I really do not see how Fiverr plans to convert their basic MOTTO to an up-selling store.

It’s like it wants to go from being TJ Maxx/ROSS of clothing stores to Saks Fifth Avenue.

with the SAME name of TJ Maxx/ROSS…


I completely see your point, and I never said I agree with what they are doing 100%.

Yes they seem to be fighting their own name and previous positioning in the market.

I was thrilled that I was given proper tools to up-sell my $5 sales to help my bottom line and accommodate complicated projects.

And that was enough for me.

But maybe Fiverr’s management has something else in mind and are aiming higher.

What I’ve learned over these past years is that Fiverr will do as they see fit, and will not warn us about changes they are planning to make.

I was actually surprised they sent out a questionnaire a couple of months back.

did you get that @djgodknows ?


Negative Ghostrider.

Fiverr is completely focused on their bottom-line, so they are attempting whatever their market strategist is asking them to try to increase it.

I just hope it doesn’t come and bite them in the booty for taking a step forward in the wrong direction. Because it will effect us all…