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"Too many" categories in Graphic Design section!

I think that too many categories in graphic design section had dropped sales for designers, because generally a graphic designer can do almost all types of graphic designs… and it’s not good for a seller to put a gig in every category!


It might not be a perfect fix, but you could solve this by creating multiple gigs - one for each category you want to work in. That would give you visibility in all the relevant categories.

From a seller standpoint, I agree that too many categories might become an issue. But from an SEO perspective, this is great for the visibility of the categories in Google and other search engines. From a buyer perspective, this is also a good thing (to an extent), as they can easily filter out sellers in other categories, and be left with sellers that have gigs specializing in that field.

It’s a two-edged sword.


To be honest, the same thing is within the writing category, as most writers can cover almost every type of writing. I agree with Smashradio on this one, from an SEO perspective it’s great for Fiverr and buyers can also pick exactly what they want. All we can do is create new gigs for every category.


Though there’s a very limited number of categories for all sellers. There’s 34 subcategories of “graphics & design”. Level 2 sellers are limited to 20 active gigs in total. For unleveled sellers it would only be 7 active gigs max and they might want gigs in more categories than just “graphics & design”.

Creating multiple gigs helps and would allow more specific pricing, but it might sometimes be better if more flags could be set within a single gig. Ideally we’d have more pricing options available in a single gig too. Having many more gigs, could also make some searches by the buyer harder (by showing too many gigs) when fewer gigs that were more general but had been specified in them each subcategory that they could be used for) could sometimes be simpler/better.


This is just how the level system works, and frankly, I agree with the way this is being done. As a new seller, you have to prove yourself to the community before you’re allowed more freedom and opportunities to expand. This motivates sellers to become even better while making sure the buyer experience is as polished as possible.

But I understand your frustrations. There aren’t enough gigs available to you compared to categories. But then again - a graphic designer often has some fields they specialize in, like logo design, packaging design, etc. You can be an expert logo designer, but a terrible package designer. This all comes down to what field you want to become best in. Being just a general designer is fine - but if I’m looking to order a logo, I would look for a designer who specializes in logo design - not just a general designer.

But I get what you’re saying. Work could be done to fix this, by allowing people to add more categories to their gig. For example, you can make one gig, and add it to Logo Design and Poster Design. But this might be too complicated as well.

Difficult, difficult…

This is similar to a problem I have, where Fiverr removed all but the most popular languages from the list of available languges in the voice over category. Now, the only way for a buyer to find out if there are any Norwegian voice over talents on Fiverr, is to manually search for them - because the language list is misleading as hell.

I lost a lot of business because of it, and even contacted customer support - but of course, nothing has been done to solve it. I get why Fiverr would like to have a short and nice list of the most popular languages to make it easier for buyers, but for the smaller niche languages this becomes a problem.