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Too many days for gig?

I have my current gig set so that an order takes approximately 25 days to complete. I usually complete chapters in less time, but set it to 25 days in case a chapter requires more research on the subject matter as well as allowing communication between me and the client in case I need clarification or more information until completion. This is also in case they ask for a rewrite.

Today, I may have lost a potential client because they said 25 days was too long. I’m just wondering if 25 days is too long for a writing gig? If so, how many days should I set my gig to?


UPDATE 7/15/2019: Just updated my gig. I hope the day limit is fair now. ^^; Any advice or suggestions for how to improve my gig are most welcome.

Ultimately, you should put the time limit based on when you can actually complete the work. I think 25 days for 5,000 words is too long, and apparently some potential buyers do, too. That would make the average book take a year or more, which is fine for hobbyist writers but not fine for people hiring a ghostwriter to create their product.


You have the same delivery time (25 days) for all 3 packages. Maybe have different delivery times for each package with more days for the larger word counts, and I agree with @melanielm - you could reduce the word count at least for the 5000 word package (maybe the 5000 word package could be about 1/3 rd of the delivery time of the 15,000 word package - or maybe more than 1/3rd if you need more time and to give more incentive for the higher priced packages to be purchased.

Also entering a higher figure than the default word count in one of the packages doesn’t increase the price (though they shouldn’t do that anyway because the package description says “up to [the default price for that package]”). But maybe setting it so it increased the price enough would help stop them entering and ordering too high a word count for a package. eg. the basic package defaults to 5000 words for $15 but someone could change that figure to 30,000 words and it would still say $15.

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Thank you @melanielm and @uk1000 for the advice. :slight_smile: I’ll take a look at the gig and see what I can change.

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