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Too Many FAKE Sellers Here On Fiverr

In The past When All Gigs Were Just $5 It Appeared To More Honest Sellers Who Delivered…Here & There You Might Experience 1 Or So Who Did Not Want To Deliver Properly Or Not At All…

Now Lately I Find More Sellers Here On Fiverr Who Either Want More Than Their Work Is Worth & Or Turn Around & Undo What They Have Done A Week & Or A Couple Months After The Work Is Done & “One” Have Given Them A POSITIVE Review & A 5-Star Rating…

Fiverr Shall Take More Caution Into Who They Allow To Become Sellers. A Lot Of Them Have Too Many Fake Profiles {I Understand Screen Names, That’s Fine} Meaning “They Say They Are This When They Are Really That” Many Claim To Be From The U.S. When They Are Really Not. Many Claim Their Work Is Permanent When It Is Really Not {Only Temporary After You Give POSITIVE Reviews Etc}, & When Some Leave Fiverr They Go & Undo All The Work They Have Done With Each Customer & Disappear & Open Up A New Account Under A New Profile {As Someone Else} & Then Start Scamming People All Over Again.

I Usually Don’t Leave Feedback As Such, I Usually Just Look The Other Direction & Let Bargains Be Bargains. But In This Case There Are More On The Scene & Those Individuals Need To Be Called-Out!! They May Have Before & I Just Have Not Looked As Of Yet Here On This Forum.

Anyhow I Am Not Speaking About All The Sellers Here Because There Are Many GREAT Ones As Well, Who HONESTLY Deliver & Do A MAGNIFICENT & OUTSTANDING Job. I Have, & I Am Sure Many Others Have Experienced Both Sides.

But Buyers Beware Of The FAKE Ones & When You Do Find The GREAT Ones, Stick With Them…It Will Benefit & Be Well Worth It For The Both Of You Especially In The Long-Run. I Personally Like Long-Term Business Not Short Term Just To Make A Dollar Or Two.

Now A Bit Of Advice For Those Individual Sellers Who are Not Righteous Here On Fiverr & Elsewhere wronging People. You May Want To Think Twice Before wronging & Taking Advantage Of Others Because The Number 1 {#1} Golden Rule In Life Is To Do Onto Others As You Want To Be Done Onto You. Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated & You Will Receive PHENOMENAL BLESSINGS In Return…Take The High Road, Don’t lower Your Standers & Sell Your Souls. It’s Not Worth, You Will Only Find Yourself In A dungeon Heading Down A dark Road Leading No-Where, While At The Same Time eliminating Yourselves From This BEAUTIFUL Island We Call Earth.

It Is A WIN-WIN For Everyone When All Is Righteous. Not Only Everyone WINS, & Too It Is A GREAT SUCCESS For Everyone. But As Well You Are Setting Your-Self Up For The Long-Haul, Being PROSPEROUS With INCREASE Within Every Area Of Life. Setting GREAT Examples & Being A Role Model To Those Around You & Who You Truly LOVE…

So Make The Righteous Move/Choice, Instead Of Being A Fake Be GENUINE, In Other Words Instead Of Being A loser Be A WINNER!!

~GOD BLESS All :slight_smile:

~AmpleFlow :slight_smile:

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your write-up is rather lengthy, please learn how to reduce your write-up. :slight_smile:

Well, what you said is true to a extent, its just that fiverr is busy making money.

So, buyers just have to be careful

The Fact That You Cap Every First Word In Every Sentence Tells Me That Your Profile Is Fake As You Are Not From The United States Because We Don’t Write Like This.

Anyway that is an oxymoron of what you wrote when you LIE to uses about the country you are from but write like a robot. People who throw stones shouldn’t live in glass houses.

How do you actually write like that? Is there a piece of software you can use to capitalize the first letter of every word? Must be a nightmare, otherwise, pressing shift+each letter.

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You know, when I first came to Fiverr, I thought all the reviews were written by fake people because every word started with capital letter!!! I realize now that it’s just the fiverr way, but I dislike it. It looks unprofessional, and is hard to read. I’d rather see ALL caps than Every Word Starting With Cap.

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Reply to @sara1984: In Microsoft word you have function of that, so prob. she just copy paste it.

That is the way she writes and tweets.

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How can we take you seriously when you say others are faking they are from the U.S. when you are not and yet your profile says you are.


Reply to @steveeyes: I think Illinois is still part of the US.

Reply to @katja1700: I don’t think it is the Fiverr way. I don’t write that way and I would be highly unlikely to buy from a seller who did.

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Reply to @katja1700: I have noticed that a lot of reviews are written like this. I thought it might be something to do with the Fiverr app? Like maybe for some reason as you type it capitalizes every word? I don’t know if it’s the “Fiverr way,” though.

Reply to @ricksper: Clearly the OP has used a simple proxy or other means to fake being from the U.S. I agree with @steveeyes and think she is spot on about the fake location.

Reply to @fonthaunt: No, it’s not clear. In this case I was able to confirm to my satisfaction that she is located in the US and that her writing style is as she has written in her OP, Twitter account, Linkedin account & Blog. It wasn’t hard to do.

Besides, she has been here since 2010, is not a Seller and so, has no reason to hide her location.

Reply to @ricksper: Meh, I won’t disagree that “clear” is in the eye of the beholder. I just agree with others that the writing style is very odd for a typical U.S. writer. I don’t necessarily think that the account age or the non-seller status means anything in particular. On the other hand, I certainly don’t disagree with the OP on the fact that there are tons of fake sellers. The “tells” are usually stock profile photos, poor English, unusual writing styles, calling people by names that would be considered too-familiar elsewhere (i.e. “dear”) and more.

So, I don’t have a particular dispute with the overall idea that fake sellers are a problem on Fiverr. I thought your response was a little snarky so I pointed out my own thoughts on the matter. Other than that I have no particular issue with you or the OP and I’d love to find a way to get rid of users (sellers or buyers) that cover things up for the purpose of scamming. No big thing otherwise.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Well, I had no intention of giving a snarky remark. I just wanted to let every reader know that I had been able to determine that she was not faking her location. Verbosity is not my forte.

Reply to @forcedlogic: The cap in every first word also made it more difficult and unappealing to read… I just skimmed to the comments.

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It Is Mighty Funny How Only “SELLERS” Are Responding To This Post….Lol All You negative Ones Are Too Funny, Simply HILARIOUS!!! Guilty Conscious I Suppose. I Literally Laughed So Much That I Almost Couldn’t Believe How foolish Those Of You Who Are, Who Really Is Making A BIG Deal Over Capitalization & Where I Am From…. SERIOUSLY!!!

Oh & Yes, I As Well Do Type Like This & Fast Too….Lol

& Get This — I Purposely Don’t Capitalize Certain Words…. {Uh-Oh, There Goes Another Topic} Lol….

Proxy, Software, Robot, Not From The U.S. Capitalization, We Americans Don’t Write/Type Like This, Fiverr App, Etc. Etc….Lol

I Had To Share This & Everyone I Shared This With Found You Guys Simply Hysterical & Full Of fear Of Some Kind.

FOCUS Here People----> On What The Overall Post Is About. If You Know You Are A GREAT Seller, Then Why Would You Even Respond?

I Know Why, To Get BUYERS Who Read This Post View Your Profiles. That Is The worst poverty Salesmanship I Have Ever Seen. Selling Yourselves Short Once Again, Not Good Business My Friends.

Some Of You Sellers Only Been Here A Month & Some Of You Others Have FAKE Reviews. & Those Of You Who Have Been Here A Little While Is A Combination Medley Of The Whole Downside. Most Of You When You Got Started Had People You Know Leave You FAKE Reviews With FAKE Profiles Just To Get You Started. YOU PEOPLE SERIOUSLY NEED TO BE SCREENED.

Only REAL, POSITIVE, PHENOMENAL, GENUINE & INFORMATIVE Seller Here Who Responded Is “Ricksper”. He Deserves All The WINNING Dollars & Rewards!!!

& As I Have Stated Within My Original Post There Are Really GREAT & PHENOMENAL Sellers Here On Fiverr Who Truly Deliver & Do A MAGNIFICENT & OUTSTANDING Job & I Will Like To Add As Well BEAUTIFUL Personalities & AWESOME Communications.

Just Beware Of You FAKE Ones, There Are More On The Scene….

& @ “Graphics Pro360” Everything Is Not All About The Money Sweetie, Integrity Comes First!!! Next Time Be Sure You State That To Your Future Buyers/Customers & Watch How Fast They Flee.


I Am Still Laughing & Smiling :slight_smile:

~GOD BLESS You All Anyhow

I Will Pray For You All Regardless

~AmpleFlow :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt:

It seems that every review is written like this, I realized it after leaving a buyer review… it changed what I wrote to this “every word starting with capital” typeface…

I use Google Chrome browser with PC, no apps (that I know of)… maybe it is different with other browsers?

Reply to @emasonwrites:

There’s a glitch that does it from time to time. The first time it happened to one of my reviews, I was absolutely mortified!

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