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Too many gigs that offer things that break TOS but still there and fiverr response time is poor,and don't respond to reports

Hi there!
Every Comment is Highly appreciated.
Recently, I submitted a request and Fiverr CS (Customer Support) replied after 4 days and It didn’t clearly answer what I asked and I replied and asked a question and still got no reply.
Their response Time is poor.
There are many gigs that are against Fiverr TOS, why they are still there? Do they pay 50 % to Fiverr? There are many Level two and Top rated seller whose gigs are against Fiverr Tos but still there? The Fiverr Don’t Delete them because they are profitable for Fiverr??
The rules should be for everyone or for no one, if the problem is that the Fiverr can’t trace them then it means that the Fiverr System is useless they can’t make everyone follow TOS.


Fiverr review these gigs and will remove when they caught them.


There are even more that were deleted. There are many sellers who were banned for breaking the rules, too.

You don’t see them, because they were removed/banned. You only see those who haven’t been caught yet, not the countless ones who were.

You were already told why their response time is long. They’re being overloaded with requests due to the pandemic.


Why are you creating repeat posts? Your issue has already been solved.

Just because people haven’t been caught, doesn’t mean they aren’t in the wrong.