Too Many Horror Stories, Here


Wow. All I can say is, after reading the many dozens of horror stories on this forum, I think I have totally changed my mind about offering any gigs. It seems like the customer is always right - even when they are dead wrong. No thanks. I’ll pass on that. Fiverr is a good concept, but if they are going to take the stance to never remove negative feedback, regardless of the situation, that just won’t fly. All that does is promote scammers and the eventual fleeing of good sellers because of being treated poorly. That’s how Etsy came into being. From sellers getting screwed on eBay. If I wanted to be treated poorly, I’d be married. Oh, well. The search for a viable, long-term and “fair” income opportunity continues.

Again, how do I delete my currently running gig??? Please.

Cheers. - Frank


Hi Frank I think the key component of working and having a gig on Fiverr is to deliever a quality product and not be afraid of negative feedback, no one can be perfect ALL the time. I would tests the waters out and see what comes of your gig before making a quick decsion. Good luck with your gig(s)


Best of luck Frank.

But let me add this.

The Fiverr forum accounts for about .0001 percent of the actual traffic on the Fiverr site. And those horror stories you read account for like .00000000000001 percent of the actual sales.

I would also take a stab and say that about 95% of the Stories you read are geared in favor of the person posting it.

Let me put it this way. If I wanted to try and gather some sympathy, and wanted to post something here, I wouldn’t post to the public if I did anything wrong, or screwed up or outright tried to scam someone. Why would I? It’s like the old saying goes. Two sides to every story.

I also happen to know that “If” the seller is not in the wrong, most times Fiverr will remove the feedback. But first, they have to go through the messages from the buyer/seller and figure out who did what. And like I said. They do remove feedback if it is not deserved.

But, if Fiverr just blindly removed all negative feedback without investigating first then what would be the point of the feedback system?

All I know is that I’ve been here well over a year. And in all my dealings with them they’ve been great. Of course, I’ve never broken any rules either.

Bottom line?

Two sides to every story.

Oh, and one more thing to think about.

If/When there is a problem, most legit complaints/people don’t post about it here on the forum. Why would they? Everyone knows the forum is not customer support. The legit issues from people never really get discussed here. Because, like I said, 95% of the complaints presented on the forum, for the public are meant to gather sympathy. And the funny thing is that I doubt the “Higher Ups” at Fiverr even really read the forums all that often.

My opinion, all of this… but I’ve never had any problems.

Take care and I hope you stick around.


@ tn5rr2012 - I hear you. At another site I sell on I have 1100 feedbacks. Of those, 2 people have left me negs. You’re correct, no one can be perfect all of the time, but if I’m running at 99.5% positive, I certainly want the benefit of the doubt. FYI - those are 1100 sales of live critters costing upwards of $250 each, not a $5 offering. Surely you can see why I would not want to risk grief and aggravation over $5. Life’s too short and my defibrillator’s batteries are getting low. I should be honest and say that if I were here, it would not be to make money on my gigs, but to promote my projects, like my radio show, via my gigs.

@ bigbadbilly - Well, I’ll make you a deal. If you tell me, honestly, that you composed that missive, just for my benefit and that it’s not a copy and paste from another post - then I’ll post some gigs and we’ll see what happens. :smiley: Anyone who takes that much time to make a point deserves to be listened to - if nothing else. Thanks for that.

Having run many forums over the years I agree with almost 100% of what you have said. I’m a little confused as to whether or not feedback can and will be removed as there seem to be many conflicting posts on this subject. Hopefully, I’ll never need to find out the hard way.

So - should I start rewriting my gig?

Cheers. - Frank



LOL - No. No copy/paste here. But I have been told I have a tendency to be long winded. (And about 85% of the time I’m the Forum Black Sheep.)

Bottom line? If you can swing it, and set things up to do a bunch of 4 dollar sales at the same time Fiverr is well worth it.

But be warned, with me I didn’t see any sales worth mentioning for about 6 months. Then it was like a switched being turned and I started getting really busy with a steady increase over the remaining months. Yes. I still have slow days but when compounded monthly my sales keep increasing. So now, it’s well… well worth it.

But like I said. It took some serious time. The only good point when waiting to get busier? I didn’t have to do much with my gig. Just kind of let it sit there. No time lost save the initial creation. I often wonder how different it would have been if I actually promoted my gig.



OK. I’ll rethink and repost that gig. lol. BTW - if I hang around, expect a large drop in your 85% figure as I’ll be snatchin’ some of that action.

I hear all of your caveats and have no unrealistic expectations. TYVM. - Frank


“The customer is always right” - I hate hearing it because a lot of the time it isn’t the case but when you’re selling something (here or anywhere else) you have to have that mentality. I’ve had incorrect feedback left and CS have removed it but they removed it with the warning that the buyer could come back to leave it again.

It took me a few months for my gigs to take off too but I now get a good amount of orders each week; and people contacting me about ordering. I get the odd person who just doesn’t read the gig description at all and orders and then I have to go through a whole process of explaining the gig and why I won’t do something that they want and give them a couple of options. I’ve found that’s the best way of dealing with a buyer who’s in the wrong but you need to be friendly and polite about it.

Good luck in any of your decisions. My advice for working online is don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. I’ve always followed that rule and been thankful for it when places have closed down. There’s only been Fiverr and one private client I have who have been with me for more than a year - the rest either just disappear or close down - but I’m always ready for the day that one may disappear for whatever reason.