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Too many "illness" reason cancellations of my order

I have been trying to get a simple logo done for over a week now and have tried 3 different artists that were well ranked. All 3 have cancelled siting “illness” or a sudden “accident”. What’s up with this? There should be a way for them to suspend their availability if they truly are out of commission for a while. Otherwise, they are wasting my time and theirs. Very FRUSTRATING!!

Mutual cancellations doesn’t warrant any form of punishment. You received your money back. To suggest a suspension of their availability because they weren’t able to cater to your needs is a bit excessive. There’s no telling what the real reason was for the cancellation of service. They could’ve been overbooked, not at home, personal issues, etc. Sellers do have lives, and you’re probably not the last person they cancelled on. Maybe you should try a lesser known seller.

I agree with @tenthtiermedia. You also need to understand that, while it can be frustrating to have a seller cancel on you, the seller is also losing something by cancelling your order. They do not get paid if they refund your order price. Most sellers will not cancel an order unless they absolutely have to. Sellers earn a living from their work, just as you gain professional services from a seller.

There are certainly ways to make it known to Buyers that you are not available to service them before subjecting them to the inconvenience of being forced to accept a credit to their account.

Agreed, communication is encouraged, and ideal. But, as is the original commentary of the OP, punishing the seller for choosing not to do so is indeed excessive and unnecessary.

“All 3 have cancelled siting “illness” or a sudden “accident”. What’s up with this?”

Guessing allot of online freelancers breath indoor air all day, work to long hours without enough time for exercising. This sort of lifestyle can weaken the immune system, not taking proper care of yourself can also increase the risk off accidents.

It could also just be that the particular sellers you worked with just hadn’t taken the unexpected in to account when they estimated their delivery times (such as accidents, sudden illness or other things that just happen without warning from time to time).

I am sorry that you got frustrated. I found your case hilarious though (but I don´t mean to be sarcastic). At the same time, I feel sorry for the sellers who got sick/accident. Damn girl, you were so unlucky to get that 3 times in a row, lol. But people do get sick sometimes and can get an accident. I hope next time you try to get a seller you will get what you want.

The OP was questioning as to whether there was a way to suspend their Gigs in cases of accidents and illnesses. Well, there are and they should be used when appropriate. Using the quoted excuses is not appropriate.