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Too many inquiries after getting Fiverr's Choice


I just noticed that I got the Fiverr’s Choice badge and am swamped with inquiries and people messaging me. The problem is I’m a perfectionist and can only handle so much work at a time. I don’t want to change my pricing because I might lose the badge. On the other hand turning down too many people sounds like a bad idea too. Extending the delivery isn’t really an option since most people require things to be done fast (1-2 days). What makes it even more complex is the fact that you tell someone you can deliver within a deadline but the client disappears and comes back when you’ve already taken up more work. How do you’ll manage your time then? Would love some insight on how you’ll deal with such a situation.



Extending the deadline is an option. It will help control the number of orders.

Fewer people are likely to oder, and those that do are likely to be more patient and better buyers to deal with.

I offer a proofreading service. One gig takes me about 20 minutes to complete and yet I offer a 3 day turnaround. I don’t need stress. Those who buy from me are all good people.


Sometimes you need to say no to people. There is only so much one person can handle. Personally, I had to say no to a lot of potential clients when I had lower prices. It is a great problem to have, and sometimes the people you turn down even come back later!


Activate the “Limit orders in queue” options and set a limit for your self which will take the gig out of search until you clear some.

Got it. Thanks for your insight! My concern is that usually whenever you edit a gig, it disappears from searches for around a day usually which might get rid of the badge (?) which is why I mentioned it might not be an option.

Agreed. Definitely one of the better problems to have haha. Thanks for your insight!

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I do already have a 5 order limit. Thanks!

I’ve been selling on Fiverr for seven years. Gig popularity goes up and down all the time.

One month I can sell 60 gigs and the next month 20 gigs. Despite a lot of nonsense that’s written by inexperienced sellers on the forums, you can’t really control where your gig positions in the searches and therefore how many people order.

However, one thing I have learnt along the way is to never put yourself in a position where you can be ‘unexpectedly’ overwhelmed by orders. Adding an extra day onto your delivery time is actually very effective, and instantly reversible.


True. I’ve noticed that pattern of rotational gigs too. It can be quite feast or famine depending on how long your gig stays on the first page. Also, I’ll keep that in mind to not overwhelm myself with unexpected orders as that’ll definitely be way more harmful than not having any orders to begin with. Thanks again!

Maybe contact the customer support to clear this thing regarding the changing prices.
It should be quite a natural step to increase prices if the demand is higher, also your prices are quite low so no worries there you can gain better customers.
My fastest delivery is 7 days, i had before a charge of 80$ for fast delivery but I can’t deliver fast so I took it down. Extend you deadline and charge a extras if they want it in 24 hours.

I know how it is, I see my gig in first or second place in best selling in my category for 2 weeks now and I can’t breath. I turned down a 5 figures order because it literally don’t have time. I love my work and I don’t want to be stressed or not having time to do my work well so I turn down 60% maybe 70% of people. Increasing prices helped me only to gain more time per order but somehow more people are writing me now.

My advice is increase prices and time delivery and be happy, now you have a chance to choose your clients and the projects you want to work on.


That’s actually really great advice, Tatjana! Will definitely keep this in mind for the future. Thanks a lot!

It is good to choose quality over the quantity. Clients who like the quality work definitely keep coming to you, and you can hire some people to help you out.