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Too many long emails


Hi everyone, I am facing a good but challenging problem in regards to one of my gig. I am getting like a zillion email a day which a lot of them are super long and end up being like 3 or 4 responses before they order the gig. I find my self spending a lot of quality time answering and corresponding to messages while I should be closing sales and working on my gigs. Any one has any advice on how I can be more effective in this area?


I was reading about the new Superseller ttzachii, he creates Mobile apps and he needs alot of info from customers, so he said he gets customers to complete an online form, maybe you could send customers a form and get them to complete it, so you can narrow down quickly what there looking for, only reply to customers who complete the form, you’ll know if there serious buyers.


Pretty cool idea! Thanks


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