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Too many " OOOPS We're sorry, but something went wrong."

Anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just me?
Today when I try to deliver work, this “We’re sorry, but something went wrong.” will com up nearly every time.
Then when I reload the page, there’s no image only words in the delivery sent message.
So I have to do it again and again until it works.

What should i do? Contact costumer support or does anyone know how to fix this?
Thanks for read.

Sometimes it’s buggy when I try to deliver. Sometimes it may be on your side. For me, I close out of my browser(Safari) and reopen. This refreshes something and it usually will work.

Reply to @madmoo: Thanks mandmoo. I guess I’ll have to… The first few times, I saw there’s a line underneath the “oops” says “We notice this issue, it will be soved shortly” so I say be patient, it will be fine soon. But it only get worse.

I hope your orders are on the way. :slight_smile:

I’m getting this exact same issue, it was doing it yesterday too.

having same issue when i’m trying to create a gig. I’m new to Fiverr and whenever i try to create a new gig it shows this error. Anybody have any solution for this problem ?

Been getting this error for a few days now too. When updating a gig or visiting an order page mainly.

I’ve been seeing this message for a week now. I just refresh and refresh for the page to load. I’ve asked support and they told me to check my connection or change browser just like when I can’t attach files. I tried doing all those. But I still see the same error message until now.

Don’t know of any other solution too. I hope someone else here does.

I received the same messages x3 and then it showed my gig was delievered x3 AND THEN I got a late notice I didn’t deliver! UGH.

Is this still happenning to any of you?

Reply to @kevinwil: Yes. From time to time when i deliver gigs. I’m also getting that ‘Bad Gateway’ error or something when I try to edit my gigs. Can you please help us out?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes - I’m loving my time on Fiverr so far but there are many different bugs. Hopefully the system will be a lot more stable soon.

Reply to @kevinwil: All good now, thanks… :slight_smile:

But I just noticed something else. It’s the delay in updating. I tried to upload some new sample photos, it only renewed on my profile page, but not on the order page. I then uploaded them few more times, it’s still not working.

Just got the Oops error message. Rebooted my pc but no change. Had just updated a gig with photos when it happened.

Me, too. I can’t login back to my account. I was answering a buyer request. :-/

There appears to be a problem. A lot of other people are getting the same error when they try to login

I’ve started getting this message when I try to view anything on the domain. The subdomain forum seems OK though, but I can’t get back to my gig pages to update them, or browse the site or deliver any work. Really bad timing. :frowning:

Can’t login to the main site because of this!!

So does anyone know what the problem is? or is everyone just going to say the same thing hoping someone will end up answering their question. i was able to sign in about 7 in the morning here in cali.

I have the same issue… :frowning: I cannot login to my account…

Yip. I cannot login in.No matter which computer or browser and I have a potential buyer waiting on a response. Great!