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Too many orders come in at one time + impossible to fulfill all of them in 3 days =?

I’m working on a marketing campaign for my Gigs and realized that I don’t know the answer to this question that popped up in my head.

Here’s my question:
If too many orders come in at one time and it’s impossible to fulfill all of them in 3 days (in the example, let’s just say I chose 3 Day Delivery for the Gig), what options do we have as the seller for damage control in the scenario?

Is there an option to put the plethora of orders into a Queue, which then communicates with the buyers to let them know about the overload?

Are we just left to deal with it on our own and suffer the consequences of orders being fulfilled late?

I’d like to be proactive about this, and would like to prevent any major disaster to my account standing- at the same time comfort any buyers that might get affected.

If there is an option to put them into a Queue, and you’ve experienced a scenario such as this with too many orders at one time, could you please share with us about your experience with it?

Thank you so much for your time!


You should consider asking for a delivery extension on your order by clicking on the resolution center. Your buyer will have to approve it.

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You could discuss it with your buyer.
I meant yeah all sellers need money, and all buyers need their things done but also should know both limits.
exceeding the capacity limit can cause problems.

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It can be tricky. You can ask for an extension through the resolution center as gmanasseh said. The difficult part is that a buyer can ignore it or decline it. Most buyers don’t, most of them are great, but if they don’t notice the request or they decline it, you can get in a mess.

If a buyer declines to extend and you don’t deliver on time, the buyer can cancel and Fiverr can put an automatic 1-star review on your gig for lateness. Your best bet under these circumstances is to work your rear end off to deliver on time or to cancel. Canceling can affect your completion rate, but can be better than a negative review. The good news is that most buyers are delightful about extensions as long as you are quick to let them know the issue. If you think it could be an ongoing problem, though, it may be smarter to make your deliver times longer.


You can discuss it with your buyers


Thank you all for your responses! :slight_smile:

Considering what you all have said, I think the best option for me in this scenario is to make the adjustments to the delivery time settings. And then maybe I’ll just point it out in the Gig description somewhere… that I’ve needed to set delivery times that far back as a “not typical” precautionary measure- so they know it’s just in case a mad rush of people came in from seeing me somewhere in a magazine or whatever.

I’m still trying to learn all of this Fiverr stuff out, so again, thank you all for your help! Truly appreciated. :slight_smile:

P.S. I would still love to hear from anyone who may have dealt with a large amount of orders in one time (talking about 40 - 100+ orders) to see how things took place and worked out/didn’t work out. So, if you’re out there… or… if someone knows someone in the groups here who has dealt with this…, could you please let me know, so I can reach out to them? Much :heart:


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If the buyer is seriously wants to get his work completed, then he will definitely extend the work time. Some time-waster buyers just order without conversation and ask to complete there work in less time.


What you can do is in the gig settings (in the selling->gigs page) put a setting for “limit orders in queue”. That way it can automatically pause the gig when you reach the limit on that gig (I think that section could be enhanced though - eg. it lets you set a limit on orders in the queue for a particular gig but not a total limit irrespective of the gig - eg. maybe you coud do x amount of a particular gig in a certain amount of time or y amount of a different gig, but not x+y amount in that time.).

If you are getting too many orders in the queue, as well as limiting it with “limit orders in the queue” you could also put a gig/gigs on pause or extend their delivery times (this may be a better option than pausing) and also maybe increase the pricing of the gig(s).

Like has been said, if you may not be able to deliver the current orders in time it would be a good idea to ask for a delivery extension.