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Too many people with fake or inappropriate titles writing medical articles

I would like to raise a question since I saw that 70% of the people offering medical article writing services are neither doctors nor medical students; I am a 5th-year medical student in Italy and next year I will be a doctor as well.

I have noticed that a lot of gigs related to medical articles, medical writing, are offered by people who do not have a title or by many people who do a copy-paste job from different sources, even with poor English. This is a problem because Fiverr doesn’t check titles and I see people who aren’t even doctors getting a lot of reviews (of which surely many are false) and attention.

I don’t think that’s fair, what do you think?

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Sadly there are some sellers who do claim to be qualified in a specialist field - such as medicine - but who aren’t. When it comes to writing about medical matters, this then becomes a real concern. After all, it could be dangerous if a reader follows the advice or theories of an unqualified medical writer.

I’ve often thought of Fiverr as quite a morally based platform - generally speaking it doesn’t tolerate fraudsters or gigs that breach legal and moral codes, as well as the terms of third party providers - but I agree, when it comes to medical writing, there appear to be no checks in place.

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That’s right, I see you’ve hit the nail on the head. I don’t think that’s a fair thing to do, especially because as you say well it’s information that needs to be written by someone who has studied the subject for years and years.

The problem is that these scam people have profiles with hundreds of reviews, and they compete with those who have more right to write articles about such a subject. Why doesn’t Fiverr start verifying the titles?

I just arrived in Fiverr 2 weeks ago and fortunately got 3 orders… but seeing that your competitors have hundreds of reviews is a bit demotivating!