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Too many questions


Hey, dont waste your time with this seller… Fragglesrock … he asked me numerous questions about my website review gig, trying to get free advice, and never ordered a gig… really a time waster and user. I refused to work with him in the end after literally 8- 10 emails. UGH.

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. Please follow the rules.


After the 2nd message you should simply request the person to purchase the gig in order to proceed. No reason to spend an hour replying back and forth, you’ll lose money in the end


Be flattered! You’re obviously doing something right :wink:


Please avoid naming users and COUNTRY for god sake! It happens to people all over the world here.


Reply to @finalstep: thank you…I don’t know why divert seller don’t get it. First question I answer second question …go away


lessons learned all around