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Too many revisions

Dear Fellow Sellers,

I am encountering a very difficult situation with an order booked on January, 2020. My buyer is super responsive and initiates a revision after every delivery. Its more than two months now and he is never satisfied. I promised him unlimited revisions while booking the order. Its not that he does not like my work but keeps on adding/modifying things. I don’t want to create any dispute as I have worked hard and long on this.

Can anybody please suggest how to deal with such super responsive buyer?

Thank you.


Maybe don’t offer unlimited revisions on any gig/package/offer so it won’t happen again in future.

You could contact CS if you think it’s much too many. Cancelling could be one option if it continues for too long and CS don’t do anything and if you don’t want to keep doing them.


Then why are you offering unlimited revisions if you don’t want to provide them?


Promising unlimited revision isn’t a great idea unless you like work for free, the only thing you can do is to talk to the buyer and be honest about the situation.


I agree! Tell the buyer you’ve gone way out of the way for him on this and you’ll be doing one last revision for him. If there’s anything more after this, he must create a new order.


If you offer unlimited revisions and say that you can handle that, then you don’t have a choice.

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You can’t do that- if the order states unlimited revisions then you must deliver unlimited revisions.

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I agree, but surely, it must be reasonable to an extent?

Nope, unlimited revisions means unlimited. Although there should be a cap for time, if you offer infinite revisions then you have to provide them.

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For this purpose, I have made a policy/note for my works, and that is;

  • Unlimited revisions within 14 days only.

You can change it as you prefer, five days, 14 days or months.


This is a great idea @blazedesigning!

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No, you can’t do that. It’s against TOS

Your buyer doesn’t want to pay you and is stringing the order along like this to stop it completing. You brought this on yourself by offering unlimited revisions. Cancel the order to save your sanity and stop offering unlimited revisions.


Same as my situation recently. i got borded and frustrated with minor to minor changes. It takes 2 month to complete that order and satisfy the client. then i update all my gigs with limited revisions.

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I am providing as per my commitment. But it clear from the buyer’s behaviour that he wants to push it. Since 15 January I am providing revisions and I will provide till he is happy. I just wanted to know is there a way to deal with such buyers.

I agree with you and I am fulfilling my commitment.

Excellent idea. Thank you.

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I hope its the last solution.

Fiverr allows us to set limitations to our work or revisions, So I did.

You can have a look to this Fiverr TOS:
Fiver TOS => under: Disputes and Cancellations => Basics => Point # 7

Revisions to deliveries can be performed by Sellers based on the Seller’s Gig and customer care. Sellers may determine the amount of revisions offered to Buyers, including no revisions.

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To be honest it’s not “such buyers”. It’s you and what you are offering. If you are offering unlimited revision a lot of people will want to take what they paid for. If you don’t limit your revisions people will ask even for unnecessary revisions even if they are happy with the outcome just to try something else and compare.

Solution is easy: never again offer unlimited revisions. And for this situation you can’t do anything else apart from providing unlimited revision. You can only send him a polite message saying that you’ve been working together for quite a long time and maybe it will be best if he can evaluate your work and put all his revisions in one revision request to save time.