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Too many sellers misuse br [ARCHIVED]


I’ve logged this issue last year and now again. It has gotten out of hand. I can’t even.
The Recent Buyer Requests page is spammed with Sellers looking for work.
The “Remove Request” does nothing in my opinion. It just removes the item from YOUR list.
Now, if you have 75% or more of SELLERS (yes, you read correctly, whopping 75%) trying to find work, will you spend all day removing requests ?

How the hell do these requests go past the automated system ?! 2 weeks ago, I posted a request with “I need someone to create an animated video for me” and it was denied, I tried 5 times with different wording. 5 times !!! I basically had to wait a day to receive help from support to get them to approve the request… But others bluntly post “I looking for any Photoshop work I do great work Please give work” and it goes through and pops up like sand on the beach ?!

Here :

" I need some order … “
” I need a order … “
” I need photoshop work “
” I am looking for work in … “
” I need photoshop Job any Work … “
” any type of logo and photo editing work please give me …"
" the best photo editig …"

There is no end, but all pass the filter. This is not funny anymore.

My gigs not selling yet?

Complaining is awesome, especially when one can provide solutions :

1.) Before submitting a request you are given two options :

Are you looking for an Expert to help you ?
Are you looking for work ?

It will allow everyone to post but only the ones that have selected the first option will actually be visible.

2.) Even if you choose the first one and still post BS that doesn’t belong, The system will CHECK YOUR PROFILE and then look IF YOU HAVE GIGS. If you have gigs means you are a seller. The request will thus not get published and then be flagged for a moderator to review.

3.) By now, there should be a massive database of what people have said if they are looking for work. add it to the filter and automatically remove such requests. I am a programmer : This is not rocket science !!!

4,) Have flagging options where people can choose “This request is a Seller request”. If a request thus gets a certain number of flags, it is automatically declined/removed. The account will be flagged and when an account gets a certain number of flags it will be left for mod to review. Mods can then speak to the offender directly and warn them. This can also get automated and temp ban people on repeated offenses + perma ban on continuous offense.

5.) Automatically disable sellers from using the requests feature. This can be changed but will take 2 hours to be changed back. You can only be a seller or a buyer but not both at the same time, since the ToS of Fiverr prohibits the use of sellers requesting things within their own services. The 2 hour window will still leave room for Sellers to post request, if they should require services outside their scope of work.

6.) Hire me as a moderator. I will review all requests before they get published ! Success rate 99.9%. All jokes aside you can actually promote many users/sellers which are in good standing to volunteer for this work. Fiverr has a good community and I am sure many will pitch in to help

7.) If you have created your first GIG, a screen must come up which will tell you in SIMPLE TERMS that EVERYONE can understand how the BR system works. At the very bottom of the page, there will be a timer. It has 1 minute. Additionally, it has a “I agree to these terms” button than can be clicked once the timer expired. Once it does, one can close the screen.


Sellers can also be buyers, and have every right to post a request when they need something done.


you did read number 5 ? This explains that.


How can someone stop being seller for 2 hours? Does that mean that they can’t deliver or even get orders during those 2 hours, or that, just like buyers, they can’t be messaged? That would create a lot of confusion (and then, with Fiverr often being buggy, imagine the mess it would create).

I don’t remember that part of ToS, is it your suggestion? Sounds like a bad idea. Sellers can have perfectly legitimate reasons to ask for something similar, or identical, to the service that they provide.


I wanted to request the same service or similar but my gig was actually declined and I got told by an automated message that I may not request same or similar services ! Maybe they changed it ? I will look this up again and see…

They basically become a Buyer again, yes.

Those are all suggestions / solutions to the problem. Unless there is no problem or unless you have a better suggestion ?


Yes, there’s a problem, and no, I don’t have a better solution. However, your suggestion looks like it would create additional problems (reporting can easily be abused, possible complications…).

This is really weird. I can’t find anything about it either in the ToS or in the Help section. I had maybe 3-4 orders in the past placed by sellers who offered similar services (they got stuck when working on their own private projects, and needed some additional inspiration to help them get unstuck). Then again, they didn’t post in the Buyer Requests, they ordered directly from me.


I agree that reporting can be abused. But why would many people flag a “good buyer” ? That would be counter productive imho. They could for example give the "flagging: option only to a Seller LV1 or LV2. This would ensure flagging would “fall into the right hands”. And with the help of reporting and analysis you can easily check who is flagging the most, who has been flagged etc and thereby weed out abuse and so forth.

Yes, with each suggestion there are pros and cons. We weigh the pros against the cons and see which one takes higher ground. Questions should be : How easily can it be integrated ? Does it solve the problem ? Is it easy to use ? Can it be exploited / abused ? What impact does it have on the system … etc.

Yes, everything requires effort and people to put in some hours but I can imagine without looking onto stats that Fiverr can afford it ?


I have asked Fiverr about the same request as gig and I have posted a request within my work area/type. Let’s wait and see…


If anything, there should be a flag button for the morons who post selling ads in the Buyers Requests section. I have 14 Buyers Requests right now, and they’re all sellers. Of course, it does reassure me to some degree knowing how stupid my competition is. But I hate browsing them in an effort to find a legit request.


so turns out, I was wrong. Please ignore my previous Point Number 5.


All requests I recently posted were denied. I had to contact support on all of them.

I need someone who can…

I am looking for someone who will be able to…

Then I see all the request on the BR page and I just don’t understand how straight forward advertisement of services from sellers make it through without any problem while each of my request get denied.

Mod Note: This is an often-discussed issue. There are many suggestions about it in the forum, and staff is aware of the Buyer Request problem but it’s not entirely resolved as of today’s date. Feel free to discuss in an active thread such as the one below or contact Fiverr staff directly:

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