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Too many "will you write my thesis" requests

These last few weeks I have had a minimum of 6 buyers per week asking me - and presumably lots of other sellers, both Pro and not - to write their masters and even PhD thesis/dissertation. It is astounding just how many people can’t be bothered to do their own work. I mean, I can understand a BA/BS lazy student, but a PhD? Is anyone else getting these requests more often this year? (Yes, I report and block immediately.)

Pro Tip: If you have someone write to you and ask for a sample paper(s) - to see if you’d be a good fit - they are not asking for themselves; they are asking so they can sell the paper to those academic paper clearinghouses. Do not send them any papers. This phishing for free papers is new. Beware.


Huh, well how about that. My college courses ended over a week ago!

At some countries people are still on classes and prepearing their thesis. I never received requests for thesis here, but I’ve heard about it.

I would say: at any area of expertise, make sure that when you send something, in case you really need to do it, that your document cannot be modified and used by someone else who can promote their services based on your own work. That happened to me, regarding content production, and was simply a mess.

Nope, I only get requests for high school and college students to proofread their work, not write it. However, since that would be a TOS violation I turn them down.