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Too much competition in Fiverr, How to get orders? 🤔

Hi everyone, Its been few months since I joined in Fiverr and I get 1 order. Its been a while I don’t get any orders in Fiverr. Please any tips from top sellers how can I get orders?


There are lots of sellers, So top to get a tasks… But chillings with it, hope you will get buyers

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Hi there!

I reviewed your profile and gigs and have some pointers that may help you! The first thing I notice is that you have a nice profile picture, but you should consider, if you’re going to have a photo of yourself, to smile, as it makes you seem much friendlier- and potentially easier to work with! Secondly, from what I have seen here in the forum, it’s never a great idea to have multiple gigs for essentially the same thing. I see you have 4 gigs all related to logo design, but are certified in graphics. My biggest suggestion that would likely bring you more traffic and conversions is to think deeply about what other types of graphic design you could offer, i.e business cards, and change three of your gigs to unique services, whilst keeping one for ALL of your logo designs despite the “style”. I hope you strongly consider this advice, and that it helps! Your logos definitely deserve more attention!

Best regards, Taz :blush:


Great observation, very helpful!!