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Too much competition on Fiverr ,How to get orders :(

Hi everyone, Its been few months since i joined fiverr and i started getting orders. I am level 1 seller but now its been a while i don’t get any orders. I have skills and good ratings but still i am not able to get any orders maybe there are lot of sellers coming on fiverr and we have less number of buyers than sellers , I don’t know :frowning: Please any tips from top sellers how can i get orders ?

Me too

Hello, your gig thumbnails are not of a good quality, invest in some better ones, two of your gigs does include a typo in the title, your niche is too competetive to enable a low quality gigs to obtain orders.

Go for different gigs, do not stick with cheap logo gigs. Go out of your comfort zone and try to find something special you can provide.

Personally I would not buy from you just because of reasons above - if you do not care about typos in your gig titles, how you can take care of my critical branding asset?

Thank you neophonic i will consider on your advice .

@neophonic can you please inbox me i saw typo in only one gig which one is second ?

The harsh reality is that the world is full of competition. If you’re good at what you do, people will come.

Try to add Gig Video in your Gigs. It will increase the probability of selling your gigs

i am level 2 buyer since one month i’ve just get only 5 orders :frowning:

Thanks syed_sirat i will keep in mind about gig video

Tell me about it :slight_smile:

I hope you’ve worked hard to get level 1. You might need to take some rest :wink: If not, invest time in polishing your gigs, comparing them with other competitors gigs (don’t copy them, just compare the quality. Copying other’s gig may get you a ban).

Also, your prices are a bit high as compared to other level one seller. Take a look at my best seller gig and see how much I do provide for $5. Its really more than a lot because I’m in the race of positive reviews (real ones). Once I reach good # of reviews, I will start charging more. Lowering prices decreases $$$ amount per order but it increase number of orders. More orders = More reviews = More gig exposure :wink:

Good Luck.

I think we should wait for the right time to get outcome of our investment we did in our gigs. I got my old buyer back and also got 5 more orders today :slight_smile: . So advice to everyone who are worried like me about orders,I suggest you guys should invest your time on your gigs . I used @neophonic advice and after few hours i got 5 orders :slight_smile:

@mariarajput786 Thanks for your words. I strongly agree with you copying other gigs may get you a ban. I saw your gigs and the gig with title i will design eye catching logo is copied. I saw lot of other sellers also using this gig :stuck_out_tongue:

@mariarajput786 I totally agree with you. @graphicsqueen24 I have written a post on the same price war strategy, may be you would like to check it.


I actually laughed :D. Yes there was one sample at very bottom. I didn’t showed at first page though. Once I put it but after that I just forgot it. I think that is the reason I’m not getting orders on that gig. Thanks for telling me that. Gonna remove. Btw my best seller gig is 2d or 3d logo :smiley: