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Too much orders

Hi, In my past I was striving for first order. But now I have no time to complete orders. I work 19 hours a day but still some orders left. What can I do. If I will increase the delivery time it may impact on gig performance. Thank you for advance.

  1. Increase your prices
  2. Limit the number of possible active orders on your gig

I think you should increase your delivery times and maybe offer extra fast delivery for a little more. I don’t know if it impacts gig performance, however I did everything I suggested myself when I was in your situation and the impact was positive as far as I can tell.


The simple answer is that you can’t have everything.

You either continue to work 19 hours a day and make yourself ill (not a good idea)…

Or you increase your delivery time by 24 hours to give yourself some time flexibility…

Or you add an extra $5 to your gig price, which translates into fewer orders but more money for the same time invested by you.


Increase price and congratulations! You went from no orders to almost 100 orders in 2-3 months!


Thanks for everyone. I really appreciate your time.

It’s much better to pay yourself properly and get fewer orders than it is to get more hours for peanuts. Why are you sacrificing your time and life to work for peanuts when you can pay yourself properly?

And if people like you they can wait until you’re available.

If people are only working with you because you are cheap and they won’t pay you for what you are worth, there is something wrong with your business.