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Too Slow to Share

IDK why this is year is going too slow. Having two ranked gigs still very less order. :slightly_frowning_face::roll_eyes::thinking:


English dubious problem probably is

Yes, mean perhaps but if you can’t communicate clearly in a way that builds confidence, people will lack confidence in your abilities. Even if you don’t need English to do whatever you do, you need it to handle customers.

Also, have you really worked out what you do that is different from 20 trillion other people? As in: If I went to your Gigs would I find anything different from the average:

I am good, cheap, endless revision till 456% satisfactioned $5


If so, this is your greatest weakness, there is nothing interesting about that to make a buyer who cares choose that over everyone else. This puts you behind in the numbers game badly as it is a ratio of everyone:1

Once you start to differentiate yourself based on true skills, style, mastery… you can quickly find that balance shifting more to something like a few hundred specialists:you. Given time and understanding, you can then have a go at translating that to Yarasin:two other people.


Thanks for bulk of advice’s. I believe you go to my Gigs then make those comment or else you just made it by yourself. But in one point you arr right. I haven’t change my gig from the beginning, probably it’s the high time to make some differences.

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Still rather incoherent communication here.

No, I already said I did not go to your Gigs, just what I find most times I go to gigs where people are complaining they don’t get sales.

Yes, I did go look now (I shouldn’t seeing I have paid work to be doing but your somewhat rude response is insulting to me). Ok, so definitely above average and to the point. It seems to be in areas I have no interest (or trust like funnels) but was well presented. Lots of sales too so I don’t fully understand the whine as we all have busy & not busy times. Frustrating yes. Can someone else fix it, no.

However, all advice is good advice and while the gig I looked at was nice & tidy, it was very technical with lists etc, didn’t give me any sense of the man I would be doing business with so while I might remember it is a tidy (and popular) I can’t remember the man who would be doing that work for me :wink:



Check the ranking of the gigs again, maybe?

Are you getting as many impressions as before? Expand those gig stats and check the 30 days and 3 month stats as well. It’s under the ‘Gigs’ tab.

Fiverr keeps rotating the gigs, so that may be the reason why!

On the other hand, it’s obvious why business would be slow compared to November and December. Everyone wants to make the most of the new year.

Keep up the great work.


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Thanks, gigs are getting both impression and click