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Took my own advice, read my own gigs and descriptions....yuck!

I read a bunch of suggestions from forum members in various topics that talked about their gigs, how they created them, and what they wrote. I went back and read over what I had hastily put up on Fiverr to get started and………well…….(insert sound of plane crashing in the distance)

What I have now is a work in progress, but I’m using a different approach. Previously I had a bunch of verbiage from a series of professional development and career coaching programs that I’d gone through. Nothing sounded as though I’d actually written any of it and everything came across as “stuffy”. So now I’m going to just keep things as genuine as I can and hopefully that will be enough to pique people’s interest.

My ask of everyone here:
Please rip my profile and gigs apart and be as brutally honest as possible. I have a thick skin, but apparently I have an even thicker head! Thank you in advance for all insights, comments, critiques, volleys and roasts! Let the arrows fly!

You are allowed to put a link to your gig in this category, so suggest that you add it to your post.

Let the ripping begin! :wink:


Hi @jameskeown,

I’m no expert, but I would start by taking out the following from your profile description:

I teach college students online in marketing and entrepreneurship.

I would do it just to keep myself in a safe zone, preventing possible misunderstandings by Fiverr. Maybe @lloydsolutions can enlighten us in this matter. She knows better than me.

Regarding your Gigs, people usually don’t read - especially long texts. In fact, people don’t like reading. Being so, if it were me, I would keep all the descriptions short and sweet. And if schematized, even better.

Work with enough clear ideas that would synthesize all what you want say, and individualize them (pinpoint). In this way, potential buyers will have the important information you think they might need, all at one glance.

Serve them the dish, make them use their eyes to like what you are offering them. You know how it goes: food enters through the eyes. Use that in your favour.


Anything that might invite proposals to “help prepare” academic work, (a Terms of Service violation), is best avoided.

Agree with this, and everything else!


I see. That makes sense. Thank you to the both of you (@maitasun and @lloydsolutions) for pointing that out. I just “reported” a really sketchy message offer received through Fiverr so I wouldn’t want to be in a situation where I’m perceived as doing something unacceptable here. Thank you again!


You’re most welcome, @jameskeown. I’m glad we were of help.

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