🛠 Change FEEDBACK REVIEW from Buyer/Customer - ☀ 2017 (Process/Steps/Instructions/How to)


:no_entry_sign: Refunding your buyer to remove a feedback is NO LONGER possible on Fiverr since the last update in Terms Of Service.

:warning: Feedbacks are here to stay!

:bulb: However, you can ASK to have your REVIEW modified but only ONCE (:one:) per order. Also, you should use this feature as minimally as possible.

:information_source: Please Note:
This feature is only available within 3 DAYS of posting of feedback.

Let’s get to the steps:

STEP 1: >Click on “RESOLVE NOW

STEP 2: >Select: “I have an issue with the feedback I received from the buyer”

STEP 3: >Select: “Ask the buyer to modify their feedback”

STEP 4: >Write your REASON for feedback modification and then click “SEND

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Buyer ruined my gig

wow!! and what happens if the buyer does not change the review? or cancels the resolution?


You are :poop: outta luck!
Yup… I know…:end:


you mean nothin happens?
i wonder why does fiverr have all the rules for sellers… buyer manipulation is so common… they just claim the order is not upto the mark and bam!! cancellation :open_mouth:


True. But so is Seller Manipulation.
*We have tons of threads about this topic so don’t wanna start another discussion here.

But basically, sellers would refund an order if they feel they are about to receive a poor feedback. This dilutes any actual reviews of the sellers’ pool.


haha… i would love to learn a little manipulation being a seller. mostly, i am in this situation and i prefer cancelling the order because it gets frustrating. besides, dispute is a waste of time so i prefer getting rid of such buyers and concentrate of good sellers. :smiley:


I’m sorry to say but we don’t know telepathy, what if the buyer keeps saying that everything is going good till the end, but in the end gives a poor review then stick on it that it was upto mark, What to do with this type of rude and arrogant buyers?
Fiverr always supports buyers more than any seller here which is totally injustice.


I understand your frustration, but I would suggest you open up a thread if you would like to express further.
This thread is a “how to” for others.


@djgodknows Hi, I’m sorry I didn’t get your point clearly? Please explain a bit more?


Unfortunately that is true. We need more back-up as sellers but there is so many posts talking about it that I hater to not start a new one.


If negative feedback is given by mistake or you have to convince your buyer before sent resolve request.


It’s really helpful for all seller on Fiverr.com :slight_smile: I liked this option to remove feedback/rating :slight_smile: Thank you.


Is there any way to cancel the order after getting the review that’s not up to my expectation? I see a option there “The buyer was not satisfied with their final delivery”. So is that lead to the option of cancellation?


No it does not. It leads to Customer Support only.



Same problem here…

There is no option as “I have issue with the feedback I received from the buyer”

The only option is “The buyer was not satisfied with their final delivery”

Once I select and continue it asks to Contact customer support…


a. Your Buyer did NOT provide feedback (because you haven’t told us if he/she did)
b. You are requesting a modification of feedback after 3 days.

Either way, please contact Customer Support for resolution.


You should confirm with your buyer first that he/she want to change the review and then you go to this process…thanks


Definitely useful to know, thanks a lot for that :slight_smile:

Sucks that some buyers simply do not check their messages or fiverr at all, and the three days can pass in a flash…


Great info! Thank you