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Tools for musicians

I love working with musicians! They are creative and passionate about what they do. So it might not be a big surprised that many of my services are crafted around music. But notice my comment was that I love “working” with musicians and not “selling” to musicians. There’s a big difference. Right?

A musician works hard writing music, recording, filming videos and then gets to the part that makes it all worthwhile…PROMOTION! So what do they need? They need to have new people hear their music. They don’t need “hits” on Youtube or useless Tweets into dead end Twitter users. Plain and simple you need EARS to your music. The fact is, the farther from your personal circle, the better! Let’s be honest, to your friends, you aren’t a rock star. You’re the guy that forgot to go to the bathroom trying to catch the bus in fifth grade and peed on yourself. LOL

So I talk to the rock stars here on Fiverr and find out what their objectives are. Do you need commercial or would you like to be featured on our indie TV show? Do you have a video to feature or do you need an audio feature?

Our network is a hatchery for indie and professional musical talent. As you can see, we feature the talent of worldwide music sensation Adina Howard (T-shirt and panties). Check out the gig video of Ms. Howard promoting our network.

My whole goal it to be a weapon in the arsenal of musicians getting them to new listeners and keep them off of the frustrating track (no pun intended) of compulsively sharing with those that aren’t listening anyway.