Toooo SLOW!


I had a buyer just now give me a 2.5 rating on my 20-day turnaround gig because his order was TOOOO SLOW in being completed. He ordered on Jan. 7. And, on Jan. 10, he messaged me, saying “Gogogogo! I need this work!”, I let him know that day in what order he was in the queue. In fact, here is what I wrote:"

“I appreciate your order. However, if you need this sooner than the date stated, you will need to order an extra fast option that I offer. If not, you are in my queue and will be done as I can get my orders done. Right now, you are 22 in my queue, of which 13 are bulk.”

I didn’t hear back, and he never ordered an extra fast. So, I delivered his order as quickly as I could based on my current workload - when he ordered I had 30 orders in my queue - and it was delivered 2 days before time ran out - I delivered it Jan. 25.

So, upon seeing this 2.5 rating, my immediately Good Day turned sour, and I came up with my response to it, giving him a one star (not that it matters). Here’s what I wrote.

Buyer claims TOO SLOW but he ordered on a 20-day turnaround w/o an extra fast. He messages, claiming “Gogogogo! I need this work”. I let him know what queue number he was & why - he still didn’t order an extra fast. I went down my queue, completing orders. His work was done 2 days ahead of schedule.

It’s a shame some buyers have some major expectations and deserve to be the ONLY buyer in the queue. Sorry, life doesn’t work that way. I have a family obligation, I have a job outside my home now and this is just side work. Yeah… you don’t order an extra fast on this kind of timeframe, then I’m going to go down the line as orders come in.

You don’t jump the line just because you want to!


Another ■■■■ waffle. Seriously, you’re not a trick pony who just says how high when asked to jump? Sorry that happened.


I swear I hit the jackpot of buyers this week…

I have another one that keeps hitting the modification button just to tell me he wants to read the material. The order will expire and go late as of 10 hours from now… Shock, I won’t be home to deal with it. He’s done this three times now!

I’m done… stick a fork in me… I am having a really BAD week overall… not just business-wise but personally too!


Is twatwaffle going to become the new word of the board? Can we make this happen?

I once had a buyer who kept hitting mod just to talk to me. You know, about how great the work was. Didn’t think to use the inbox. BTW, you can report both of these buyers, I think.

  1. hardly a fair review. Worth a go, but I’m 50:50 on this getting removed. Either way, I think your response destroyed his idiotic one.

  2. spamming mod button isn’t allowed. Tell CS today and file it under “not my problem”.


Writing gigs are one of the toughest gigs on Fiverr. I don’t know how you guys do it. When I first join fiverr I had a writing gig. I did well, but the headaches were obvious and a month later shut it down.


I think you could approach CS about this if you wanted to. The expectation that he can just yell “go faster” at you on the order page and expect faster delivery is ridiculous. His review has nothing to do with the quality of your service, and is instead about his own inability to read turnaround times stated on gig pages or in messages sent on order pages.


I vote ■■■■ waffle! Or funsponge. I’m good with either.


I would have cancelled when I got that message. He was being a jerk. He was demanding something he didn’t pay for. I won’t put up with that.


Thanks ya’ll. I debated about contacting CS about deleting it but I opted not to. I mean I’ve got so many positive reviews over it that my rating still stayed at a 5.0. Besides, as emasonwrites stated, it had nothing to do with my quality. That kind of review also makes it read to others that I am indeed human… not some person who uses bots or whatever.

As for the other buyer I wrote about in another message here, I finally initialized a cancellation before leaving for work. I didn’t want to but it was the lesser of two evils. By the time I would have gotten off of work and got back from the errands, it would have went late. Thus, he would have been able to cancel the order and the system would have left the feedback. Granted, that would have been warranted to be removed as well, but with CS, you just never know, and I didn’t want to take that chance.

What chaps my a$$ about that order is that it was a custom one. I offered to complete it for him in 5 days. On day 1, he asked when it would be done. I repeated to him that I’d have it done within 5 days and he said that was good then. I actually had it done within 1 day. The day it would have auto-completed, he hit the modification button, saying he’d get back to me and read the material. Well, kick-started the countdown again.

Finally yesterday, I’d done had enough. After doing it again - just to read the material - I initialized the cancellation. I told him I didn’t want to get “screwed” by Fiverr because he kept abusing the modification button. I said the delivery period allows 3 days for you to review the work before it autocompletes.

He then asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted to be paid for my work because it was only fair but his constant hitting of the modification button every time I delivered didn’t allow for it.

He then hit the mutual cancellation button. I’m taking his work and putting it on my blog. He asks me what I want and then does that… he was only looking for a free article.

And yes, both were $5… Grrr!

Hoping for a better week next week.


20 day turn around is long…maybe change that.