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Top 10 secret formula to skyrocket your 100% fiverr traffic

So if you do all of these things combined. I can almost guarantee you that you are going to be a top seller within 12 months. These are all of the things that I use I didn’t even use these last two. So just to put that in perspective. These are really powerful. And if you do all 10 I can almost guarantee that you’ll be a top seller in no time.

This is how I optimize gigs

  1. Keyword Rich Profile
  2. Optimized gig titles and descriptions
  3. Eye-catching gig cover photo
  4. Use a gig video
  5. logged in all day (9 to 5 is good)
  6. Reply back to messages quickly (at least every 12 hours)
  7. Deliver all orders on time
  8. Keep cancellation/refund rates low
  9. Stay active on social media & Social share
  10. Post badge on third-party site

So that means that I hope you found this helpful and valuable.



I think you have just earned a place in the forum’s “Evergreens”… :roll_eyes:


Oh Really!
But I Don’t Think So. I want to help people like me who don’t get lots of traffic and sale to there gig.

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Interesting your optimism… :roll_eyes:

Well, as I see from your profile, you’ve joined Fiverr on May 2018 and still, not to say you’re not yet a TRS (Top Rated Seller, you don’t even have your first review… :roll_eyes:

I repeat, you have earned yourself a very good place on the “Evergreens” !!!


@shariarapon Thank you for your valuable Information. :clap::clap:

Oh you are right. But This information could help thousand of people on fiverr.

I see you are almost 12 months at fiverr and never made a single sale.

Let us know how it is working for you.

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Thank you so much for this post. I am new in Fiverr and I really think that this things will be very helpful for my GIG.

Oh your welcome dear

Busy People You know

Actually I don’t know.

I see you sharing a lot of “tips” but it seems not working for you, because you have no sales.

If you are sharing someone else tips at least credit the author of this.


Great secret formula! It looks like it is working wonders for you so far. This is gotta be a joke! :rofl:

I would be surprised it it didn’t get moved to the evergreens.


Oh really. Do you think that’s tips are copied. That’s True. Because you think so. If you give us some tips then i will think about it. Thank You

Please don’t understand me wrong, I’m not here to criticize you, but if you want to give suggestions to other sellers, at least show them a result of this to prove it worked and you are right.

right now there is nothing. I’m sorry but it’s true. This is not something I believe, but I can see you did not a single sale till now, so if you are following these tips, it seems not working at all.

So please be reasonable. Sellers want to understand where you got this conclusion that this formula will skyrocket their traffics


I am not understanding what did you mean on point 1,5 and 10 .:pensive: