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Top 10 Tips For Fiverr Buyers

  1. Don’t use multiple accounts
  2. Save your favorites
  3. Always contact the seller before buying
  4. Use a secret word : When posting a request, make sure to add a secret word in the project description, asking sellers to mention it when making an offer to your request.

You’d be surprised to see that almost 50% of the orders will miss it. This will help you weed out people that haven’t actually read the request, and go with the most motivated ones.

  1. Don’t leave bad ratings unless it’s unavoidable
  2. Use some best practices to get faster results
  3. Do a trial run before requesting a bigger project
  4. Earn money with the referral program
  5. Ignore the “Top offers” from Fiverr email: After placing a request, offers will start pouring in. And Fiverr will announce this by sending you an email with a selected list of “top offers”.

Here’s one of my top Fiverr tips: Don’t rush into getting those “selected” offers. Fiverr picks them randomly, choosing the first level 1-2 sellers that reply to your request. The two offers I got did not mention the secret word and they were certainly not the most interesting ones I’ve received.

Remember – an automated email is never going to be as good as your human eye!

  1. Be professional: Like any service, Fiverr should be handled professionally. Keep in mind someone’s business may depend on you, so try to:

Be patient with communication – you never know what may be causing a delay in response.

Fairly value people’s work and, remember, you can always compensate with a tip.

Do not use bad language – “Communication on Fiverr should be friendly, constructive, and professional. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others.”

Be reasonable with deadlines and allow the seller enough time to modify and review the work. Do not threaten to cancel or give a bad review.
Thank You.


Really nice and helpful post.thanks :slight_smile:


It’s an insult to the intelligence of any seller.
Try to do the same in the real world, in a professional enviroment or when you deal with a supplier, and see the reaction and the outcome.


If I were a buyer and fielding a myriad of sellers replying to what I am asking to be done, it is usually pretty evident the ones who take the time to READ what I write and INCLUDE something about what I am asking for in particular. So, no “secret word” is really needed. As a buyer, you should already have a good sense of those who take the time to write a message that talks about what you need done, and why they can do it for you better than anyone else.



Well said but many sellers send buyer request by copy past there previous cover latter they are not focus on buyers project description. So Secret word can Identify actually who are read the project descriptions properl.
Thank You :slightly_smiling_face:


Right, and most people have the ability to spot a “copy and paste” response - hence, no need for special secret sauce words. Just go for those who actually look as though they READ what you need and replied personally to it.

You also do not need to copy/paste the same response to me or anyone else who replies to you. I can read what you wrote to the other guy already.



You are welcome :slight_smile:

In other words, don’t violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Having more than one account is strictly forbidden. The same could be said about every rule, so this isn’t much of a tip.

Some sellers hate that, especially if the service is pretty straightforward. When that’s the case, contacting the seller before buying is a waste of time (buyer’s time included).

A lot of great sellers will be offended by this request, and won’t respond. That could turn out to be a loss for the buyer.

Leaving a feedback is the buyer’s prerogative, not their duty, whether it’s a positive or a negative rating. What can be unavoidable about leaving a bad rating?

This is vague. What are these best practices?

Again, don’t violate Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Breaking the rules gets people banned.


I love #3! I’m very flexible as a seller with my voice overs so if my demo isn’t perfect but you like the voice, just contact me (the seller) and we can talk it out to get you the best product you need! Well said on all of it.


Great point. I ignore requests with secret words. You will know that I read your request because of my custom tailored message explaining how I will help YOU specifically. I never send a canned message to buyer requests because that is a waste of your time. So don’t insult my intelligence with a secret word.


Really Help a Lot For New and Existing Clients No Matter What Does But That’s so Helpful Tips


Thank you :slight_smile:

Great information! I am a seller but it’s so interesting.

Hello everyone!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I would like to add one more TIP for buyers, which I hope will be usefull for you - before making order, first you should write seller, ask everything what you need to know about GIG and then if you have doubts:face_with_monocle: - ask him/her about showing to you few more works, which he/she made. It would not be difficult for good seller to show you more works, for example, I can send my photos which I editing because I am appreciate and respect every buyer and I understand that my buyers will pay money, so they should see and understand which result they will have. I wish you good evening.:rose:

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Yeah. I get the point of this, but it strikes me as super patronizing and I would probably try to avoid working with a buyer who did this.

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thanks for your tips

Excellent post. Clear and helpful! Thanks.
The only thing that sellers with loads of orders daily would disagree, is the suggestion to message prior to ordering. I had suggested this in one of my own posts and some sellers disagreed about the messaging tip.

During the years I have been a Fiverr user, as a buyer, only a few times I felt the need to message the seller. That was because their last order was delivered long ago. And I was right. They never showed up.

Again thank you, this is a very useful post!