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Top 10 tips for gigs selling Stock Images

I have been selling stock images and illustrations for nearly 10 years. I’ve assembled a top 10 list of tips for those who want to sell stock images in gigs. This isn’t a “how to get more sales” blog, but pointers on important things you need to know if you’re going to sell images or illustrations.

Sheriff’s Note: Off Fiverr links that are not allowed.

Right now I sell through agencies and via my own site, I might consider offering packages of images via Fiverr in the future. It’s really important to avoid selling things you don’t have the legal right to sell - buyers don’t benefit and in the long run neither will Fiverr.


Thanks for the tips! Great advice, and I di the blog, too.

Great tips, I had to google your name to find the post and your blog, because the link doesn’t work. Maybe you should post the ful artivle in the forum. As someone who once got in trouble for using not licensed images I wish I had read this post before,

Sorry about the link being gone - the article has lots of links in it (to useful informatino) so I don’t suppose I could post this in the forum as they’d delete all the links)

If you google

jo ann snover blog digital bristles

you’ll find my site and the blog post. Glad you found it helpful.