Top 3 Ways to Advertise Your Fiverr Gigs


Hi everyone,

I thought I would write up a little forum post to help give some fiverr sellers some helpful tips.

I’ve been on fiverr for a long time however most been one of the fiverr buyers rather than a seller but recently I decided to start selling on fiverr and have generated a lot of traffic to my gigs through various ways. Here’s a few tips for advertising your gigs.

  1. Create a website:

    I found out that creating a website is one of the best ways to generate more traffic to your fiverr gigs. Whether this being using a free website or actually creating your own website like I have helps direct traffic to your fiverr. I found out that by posting some blog posts along with links back to your fiverr gigs works pretty well.

  2. Use Twitter:

    As I have a large amount of followers on Twitter, around over 30k I decided to do a little experiment and share my gig links to other potential fiverr customers via the use of Twitter’s Direct Messaging and also tweeting functions. If you don’t have many Twitter followers you can order gigs on fiverr that will tweet your website/blog/video/fiverr gig etc for a low cost. One of my gigs I offer is tweeting your website link/youtube/article etc for $5 to over 30,000 active Twitter followers.

  3. Use Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and emails!:

    Sharing your fiverr gigs to other members on Facebook and Google+ is a great way to convert fiverr gig viewers into customers. Depending on your gigs you offer you may find this strategy will work easy or may need some time. If you do YouTube or know someone who does YouTube why not let your viewers know about the services you are offering. Link back to your fiverr gigs in the descriptions of your videos! Surely everyone has an email now? Not exactly the very best way but if you have many contacts with emails you can always be sure to email them with your fiverr gigs and info about the services you offer, but remember don’t spam…

    I hope these 3 fiverr tips come in handy, if you have any tips then be sure to comment and tell us what has worked for you :slight_smile: