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Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

People keep repeating the same wrong advice - and newbies are deceived by it.

Here’s my take on it - share if you feel so inclined:

No Order after long time and no Review
Fiverr gigs promotion System
Don't get any message & order
Gig improve susggest
Need Review of my GIG
Gig Expression Decreasing
How to growth daily click and how
I don't get order for long time
How to send a winner buyer request? + GIG SEO
New member in fiverr 2020
Hey I'm SH ROMAN a new member at fiver. How to get a order very soon
How to rank My gig and More order
How to get a client?
Why I not getting order in fiverr
I look forward to your suggestions
Question I noticed
Resume Writing, Cover letter & Linkedin profile
New seller ! How to get orders?
Need to improve
Suddenly all gigs got De-Ranked
Useful information to new sellers?
Gig click promotion
Growing hopeless and helpless
As New Member What We Should to need..?
Tips here please
New Seller Here! (Improve my Gig)
Hey everyone i need of your help
HI I am new here . Anyone can suggest What to do to get order
Hi, I'm new to fiverr and the community
Help How I can get order?
Hi, I am a new seller on Fiverr. Need some suggestion
I'm new here at Fiverr
What do I need to do after I deliver the order?
Share and recommend clients
More impressions for gig?
Any one can explain about how to write a proper buyer request?
How to rank Gigs on fiverr
Alhamdulillah Got an Order
My impressions dropped in just few days
How to gig promoted
Fiverr forum post
Which social media platform help you to get orders?
I lost my gig rank How can I get my gig rank
Please help me. My new journey
How I will get work from the Fiverr
Happy new year. welcome to 2021
You can visit my gig
How to create a proper profile
My Gig impression down suddenly
Fiverr gigs rank tips
What is the best way to sent best buyer request and get order?
Is my gig good or not?
First Order(request)
Kindly check my gigs
Being Known On Fiverr
I need advice on my account
Hi everyone, i'm new to fiver
Fiverr is the best platform to earn money with his talent
Auto Refresh Usage when available to reply
Hello im a new seller created my gig yesterday no client
Buyer request copy pasting
A few days ago I created my gig, tips to have more impressions and clicks?
Delete my gig or edit my gig. Which is better?
Time Spend in Fiverr Community Forum
Give some tips and knowledge
Last page stay my gig
Please help me to get first order please guys
I’m a new Seller On Fiverr! Give me a suggestion on how to improve my Gig?
I'm very upset about the fiverr
New Seller on Fiverr Forum
How to get My first order. Please help me!
I'm a New seller so I need your help to increase my experience
How to Grow My Fiverr Account?
Getting a order
I completed total 4 orders and happy with that
Hello, I am new to join Fiverr and I want to learn about improving gigs section
How much hours of Fiverr will be active?
Are impressions and clicks helpful to rank the gig?
Page reload extantion
Fiverr help tips
Hi I’m a new Fiverr Member
Need help for Improving my art gig
Can somebody help me to improve my gig and find out mistakes that I had done
Hi fellas! I’m a new Fiverr Member
My gig is not selling Problem
New seller on fiverr with 2 reviews
I want to your suggestion
Some one help to to get my first job, i created my first gig just last week but till now no job request i get
How to promote my gig to get first order
How new sellers can promote gigs?
How I Can Got “Fiverr Choice” Badge? My Fiver Account
How can i get order.?
Most tip buyer requst
New On Fiverr Need Help!
I have 0 orders still what can I do please help me
Check my gigs advice me
Need fiverr tips
New here. Please share your experience
How to be a successful Seller on fiverr?
Tips and tricks for Gig
Pls help to grow in fiverr
New profile not getting orders
Possible way to get the order for new comer
Haven't gotten any sales in 3 Weeks
Increase traffic on your profiles
Is always staying online really necessary to get buyers?
Please check out my gigs and tell me the mistakes as im new to this platform. Will be much appreciated! :)
Hey, Hi Guys. I am new fiverr User
Advice for my profile/gigs
New seller of this community
How to up gig impression
How to work fiverr gig and get orders
Hi please tell me how i can improve my gig
I Did not get Order
Seller as a beta reader in Creative Writing. Tips?
Completed 60 days on fiverr without a single order
Is there any truth behind staying online 24 hrs to get first work
Benefits to download fiverr app
Hi please check my gig and suggest me what I should replace for ranking my gig. Thank
Have a look at my gig!
Give me some tips & tricks
Struggling with orders, Need help
How i can promote myself on fiverr
Hey guys , I am a new seller on fiverr
Good Or Bad Advice
Stop listening to bad advice
Does fiverr forum help your services to rank?
Review my first gig. I would be so grateful! I need my first costumer
Review my first gig. I would be so grateful! I need my first costumer
I created my gig 2 days ago
I need to increase my GIG impression
New Artist on this platform
How I will properly promote my Fiverr Gigs?
Create First gig
Just Join On Fiverr and got 2 Orders
Needs help to get solution
How Improve Profile
Check my Gig and sugget me changes
My first gig on Fiverr Gig
Cant get Orders :/
Seller can use auto refresh?
How I Promote my gig on Fiverr? please help me
Is it possible to get a job in first day at Fiverr?
Pending Fiverr GIG Approval
Cant get Orders :/
New gigs ! SHOPIFY
What is the possible reason of decrease in gig impression
I want someone to see my profile and tell me what to do to improve my fiverr account
Hi all, I need some help with improving my gig (T-Shirt design)
I'm new to fiverr still no order
Impressions issue
Social media gig marketing
Gig Promotion topic
What else should be done to get the order?
Gig Promotion topic
Expecting a better suggestion to reach my first client
Hi am new seller here!
How can promote my Fiverr gigs?
How I can get first job
One reason why no orders coming through!
Give me suggestion to rank my GIG
Urgent Inquiry,,,
Fiverr Site Suggestion
My First gig in the Fiverr world
I cannot get any job as a graphic designer
How Long Did It Take You To Get Your First Offer As A Newbie On Fiverr
Hi! I'm Laura and I'm a new seller in Fiverr!
Promote my Gig and increase impression
Hi, this is my Gig. Do you have some advice?
How Can I improve my gig Click and impression? to get order
On Fiverr from a long time but not a single order
Hope for getting a first sells my Fiverr Gig
New seller tips and suggestions
I am new Saller on Fiverr
No orders after promotion
I'm new seller on Fiverr, Expecting valuable reviews best or worst!
I am new to fiverr want some ideas
How to get Fast Orders :)
Im new on this forum, want tips to start orders
How can I write effective buyer request?
Collaborate with other sellers for new fiverr sellers
Need my first gig on blog writing or story writing
New to Fiverr how do i display my video's for prospective clients
Sharing gigs on my Facebook wall
Fiverr Gig SEO and Gig RAnk
What can I do to generate my first order?
What type is Forum activitise?
Please help me to get new clients
How Can İ Get My First Order İn Fiverr
Kindly Guide me
Article for shearing Experience
How to promote gig effectively
How to promote gig effectively
Please can anyone tell me why i am not having clicks on my gig
New seller on Fiverr tawfiqur_rahman
Are my gigs ok..?
How to increase sales on Fiverr without any efforts?
How to Improve a Fiver GIG?
No orders yet! why?
Need help to get the first sale
Please tell every one
I am new on fiverr. How can I get my first order
No Buyer Requests Found
Help...attempted scam in progress
Someone should help ! i have not gotten any sales since i registered and i don't know the cause
Does the Buyer Requirement come regularly at any particular time of the day? Is that so?
Keep in Gig Impressions
Need Guidance on Getting sales
I want just some click in my gigs
Can anyone help me.?
Staying active on fiverr mostly is worthy or not?
A well optimized gig?
How I will have my first Sale as i am a new Seller/new to Fiverr?
Got my first order on my first week as a seller
Any suggestions for the gig?
My gig not sell and no buyer responds
Sale Booster on Fiverr
I am newer .I don't get any task .plz help me
Guys its 2 weeks am siting on my fiverr any extra tip?
New NeW new to this
Suggest me the good way how can I get order
Best Social Media for Gig Promotion
Asking for Help
Favourite doesn't appeared
How to get order fivver
Please review my gig for improve
Fiverr gig improvement. I can't find my gig
Gig Impression decrease day by day
I'm new here. I will be grateful for your recommendations on my gig
I wonder if I will get a work order
Hello i am new in Fiverr and want advice from you all. <3
Help me with looking out my gigs..Thanks to all
Please tell me anyone. what i will doing?
I am Professional Graphic designer and photo editor
How can I improve the traffic on my gig
I don't have any clicks or impressions,i'm since July,2020
How To Increase Fiverr Sales Easily?
Need advice about video editing
How to success in fiverr market palce😊
Gig is deranking everyday
All About Freelancing/Freelancing Tips
New to fiver, any tips welcome
Growing for my gig
Need Tips for improve my 2d animation explainer videos
Tips Foe Success
Increasing gig's sell ratio
I haven't had a job in the last 20 days
Please review my gig for improvement
Not receiving responses to many offers sent
HI FRIENDS ....Can anyboy help me?
New on Fiverr--- let's connect! + a few questions
Give me advice for get more order
How to get rank my gig on fiverr first page?
Buyer requesr bug
How to be one of the first orders in buyer's requests?
My Order compition Level 0
How to get views and clicks?
Gig Impression Related
My Gigs More IMPRESSIONS but no Order
Hello, I'm a new seller here at Fiverr
Gig impression day by day decreases
Not getting sales, need help
How to keep constant flow of orders
Fiverr order very short time
Please Provide tips and Help
2 computer at a time
I want some good tips to stay active in fever. I am drawing professional attention. I am a WordPress expert
How can I rank my gig on Fiverr in 2020? new
Any Business Analyst Seller who can provide suggestions as to how to get BA work
What are the ways to improve sales? Because I'm spending my entire on Fiverr
Facing problem on Fiverr profile
Hi I have Recently Joined Fivver and would like some advice
Not getting orders. Looking for some help
Thanks for your advice, maybe I can get to the top
AI lost my GiG Rank
Please Check my account if there any mistake
Using keywords to get your gigs noticed
10 offers left today
How to success the journey?
Please help me get mt first job
Hello everyone! I am new in fiverr forum community I need some advice
How can we promote gigs more effectively?
I AM NEW ON FIVERR any suggestion
How I increase my gig Impression and Click for Ranking
15 Days passed no order yet?
How to sell logo design Service?
How to get copywriting orders?
Hi, How can improve my gig to get sales?
Hello Good peoples,Need tips for sell
What's the main requirment to get a order on fiver?
Need help about getting order
New to Feverr......Can anyone help regrading this?
I have many orders but why buyers not acept my offer back?
New here on Fiverr!
I need helps to get new order
Gigs ranking issue,
I need advice to improve
Impression not increasing
What is the best way to increase sell as a new sller?
New gig for whiteboard video animation
1 month did not get any order?
Hi Guys, I am new on fiverr. please I need tips in making sale
Hi Guys, I am new on fiverr. please I need tips in making sale
New User in Fiverr Forum
My Profile and Gig not showing in search result
Hi everyone,im divya,new to fiverr
New at this platform
Does staying online help?
I am new be in fiverr
Fiver Fresher Welcome
Help to Improve my Gig (Suddenly lost my rank !)
Help me improve my gig please i need help
How come my gig does not show up?
Hi guys,i'am new member in fiverr
Looking for my first client
Getting no order. What Can I do?
Learning . knowledge
I am new be in fiverr
Where post my gig to get buyer order?
Does Fiverr really welcome new sellers on this platform now?
I've not been receiving orders pls kindly help me out
How type should gig create
Two gig but no order yet
Not find my gig in search list
My Gig rank down
New Seller of over one month and no single order. Please, help
Need help with getting orders
How Can Get order from buyer?
I am new to this community
Gig marketing is Really Needed?
How to best connect with buyer help me with this answer Please
Hi there, I am a web Developer
Impression, click, view issues
I have no order please help me how i get o
One Month Fiverr Account No Order
My gig is shown first page but impressions is vary low. What am I doing now?
No Order for almost 3 weeks!
No new messages from buyers
Why Clicks not added on my dashboard
How to promote your Fiverr gigs as a new seller
I have opened a new gig. What can I do to get more orders?
Last 1 Month I am Not getting Any Order?
How do I make my creative gig more attractive?
I Haven't no order last 4 days, what i do to get an order?
How to get my 1st order in fiverr
Joined platform since 2017 but order not recived
Advice And Tips For A Teen Starting On Fiverr
How can I get my 1st order on fiverr easily
Why beginners are dishearten in few days at Fiverr?
Gig impression & Click
No orders on fiverr. pls help me
Will you guys help me out
I really need some people help
Hello everyone! i’m new seller on fiverr
New seller on fiverr How do i improve my gig
I'm a new seller in Fiverr. Any tips?
Still nothing?! but why?
How to fiverr Gig seal
Last page stay my gig
Need some advice for gigs improvement
Help me on fiverr
Es.say writing word
New seller here from PAKISTAN
Hello, I am new here and I'm a Seller!
More orders for a new seller!
Hello I am New Seller In Fiverr!
How to get a job on fiverr firstly?
How can I earn reviews or order if no one even looks at my gigs?
Newly Joined at Fiverr
How to get more sell within 1 months
New to Fiverr and Tips for improvements
No gig buyers since 2 months needs tips
How can, I get first order?
Improving my Fiverr gigs
Long time Did not Order
Ho can I get order
What could be the reason for not getting order
Not Getting order After a sell
My account do not showing online
Just gonna ask flat out...what am I missing here?
Get no response on Fiverr yet?
How can I improve my new gig rank?
How much fiverr take as service charge
How to find a job on YouTube Promotion
Got cancellation On My Order
Level one seller but not getting orders
Project Planning, Content Writing Expert
I want to work with buyer
I didn't see my Fiverr Gig
I want help to create my 3rd gig on Brochure Design
How do I improve my gig & get order?
Order will come to you
Gig under review for weeks
This platform is good but how can i get order?
I got new order into my gig
I want to increase my click i have no click.please help me
Anybody helps me
Can you give me tips on how to rank better?
What is the strategy to be active on fiverr?
Comeback fiverr but zero order
Don't get enough Impression and click
Hey! New seller who would love some feedback
Please Help Everybody
Getting 1 order per week
I want to first selling tips
Let us know if you know any tips for getting an order
Suggest me what can i do now?
Getting impression, but no order yet
New Fiverr Seller, any advice on what to improve?
How to ranking new user gig
Help me to shine
How can i get byer attention?
A first order talk
No new orders, low gig impressions
My gigs not showing
A first order talk
Don't get order. Anyone please suggest me what's my fault
My gigs Impression and Clicks falling down what to do?
My GIG Goes Down
New gig improvement tips
Help me please, say me how can I find a job at Fiverr
Forum Helps to Focus
Why I can’t get buyers
Have already many gigs
New to Fiverr - Would Love Advice
Tips for 1st order
New seler on fiverr
Impreesions dropped to zero
No order, what is going on?
I Receive a couple of impressions but no orders
How to get IMPRESSIONS and order
Getting customers with 0 audience beforhand
I am not recive my first Order
Old account (How can i get order)
No order since negative review
How can i improve fiverr rank?
Welcome The Rookie ;) - I'm new here, could use some tips
New Sellers Problem
Please help me I need help Immediately
I'm not getting order for 2 Months.But why?
Any tips for laravel?
How will i get Gig impressions and clicks?
About Gig ranking question
No Order and offer no converting
No order from 2017 till now 2020
Fiverr gig impression down
Tips and tricks!
Fiverr seller's feedback and ratings
My gig impressions is very low and no clicks
How to get first order beginner
My gig impressions is very low and no clicks
Hello gyes I'm from bangladesh
Actively Looking For Suggestions to Get Orders
Not get any order from two week?
Adding Web design service with current graphic design profile!
No Order on Fiverr!
How much effort/struggle does it take to get the first order?
How i get a order generate
I'm new on fiverr and i need your help!
How long did it take to get the first order?!
How do I, ll get order?
Need to help for earning customer
How to be a Level one seller!
Trying to take first order
I have been here for a while but no job?
Please check what's the wrong with my gigs
How long did it take you to sell your gig?
Buyer Request Real Experience
Buyer Request Real Experience
Improve gig again
Why I'm not getting order from last 3 month?
Can you please cheack my gigs
Not yet work still
Why I'm not getting order from last 3 month?
Need to help for earning customer
Need to get my first order!
Suggestions for beginners
Need Advice For Editing My Gig
I seeking who are getting many order?
Improve seller profile
Give Tips For Beginner
How to get message from Buyers?
Impression are not increasing. Please give me some suuggestions
Please suggest how to improve my gig impression?
How to improve my gig's impression & get a order easily?
Tow month already finished I have a No more
Why am I not getting any clicks?
I am new here now help plz for client ordar
How 2 get an order?
Last weeks my gig no click
Can you help Me to check My gig issues please
Being lost my mind, Please tell me how I can get a job
Why My fiverr gig is not getting good response
I'm new on this market place
I need support please help me
I haven't received an order for 13 days
Is the right way for selling
How can I increase the order? Please give me any Suggestions
How do I get more offer after my the 3 works and am given 5*** I have not yet find another ❓ why
How long does it take to make your first sale on fiverr?
Buyer cannot give order to new sellers
I have a language degree, but no ideas
Need your help to get first order
Haven't gotten any orders yet:/
Hi New on Fiverr and dont know how to get buyers xD
Hi, could you please help me with the gigs?
Thankyou All for being with me
Does promoting your gig actually help?
How to get new order regularly?
I am from Bangladesh and I am new in Fiverr Community
I'm Worried, I need Suggestions!
1 How can get my first order
How to increase my gig impressions again? (previous level 2 seller)
I'm Worried, I need Suggestions!
NO Body is helping me
Getting First Request
Why i am not getting orders in 3rd month?
Looking for my first order here
How to improve gig ranking through its title, SEO through title?
I will do b2b lead generation, How can I improve my gig rank .Thanks
New fiverr freelancer
I am a new freelancer in Fiverr . Please give me some tips to get the job done on Fiverr
How to get first project? Advice
Help me to get orders, struggling from 2019
How to find buyers, because my clicks are 0 all the time
How to Grow my susses in fiverr Please Help me?
My gigs "myrongrimes" "NOT" Being Listed In Search Population Results
Issues with my gig
No orders after having 5 reviews
I got 5k impressions, promoting my gig on facebook
Need help from experts, how can I get the first order at Fiverr?
Expat brothers who are there see my gig....!
How to take first order on fiverr
I can,t find project
Can anyone help me, i am not getting that much of impressions or clicks
Not getting any impressions or clicks
Orders stopped, and no impression
Cool idea for gigs
How can i rank my gigs? As a newbie need tips
How to rank my gig at Fiverr?
No Order from one month on Fiverr Account
How to get your first fiverr order?
No orders yet please help me
I’m a new seller , please share any tips?
How to found gig order?
I am new on fiverr in digital marketing sector how to grow my Account
Can not getting any buyer request
No orders in the past month
Hi, I want to increase my gig’s clicks, impressions, and orders. what should I do for this please guide?
HI! i am a newbie here :D feel free to tell and teach me how to get client
I'm a new seller here, any tips?
New to fiverr need tips
For a long time I could not find a job because someone help me
Why? My gig impression decreasing? What I can do now?
Completed My first order. give me some tips for more orders
No order Help me or suggest me
How to improve SEO?
Its so hard to get a order
I am a new seller, i need some assistance please
My gig impressions & clicks going down , What’s the solution ? ( I got my first sale a month ago )
Introduction to hasan
How to make my gigs more visible
Hello there, I'm a New Seller On fiverr
Not getting order after level one on profile
Do you think that your sales depend on your fiverr forum active hour?
Can we share the exact url of our gigs on social mesia
How can i make usefull gig?
Help me to get some orders
No sales nor orders
Im not getting order
I'm not getting order on fiverr account
Me and my Fiverr Experiences
New seller in fiverr .help
The results formula?
First order on fiver?
How long are share my gig?
New User! Hello there :)
How to get first order with professional tips
New seller fiverr help
Fiverr order is very less
Hello everyone! I'm kinda new here. Anyone got tips or suggestion for me?
My gig do not rank
New to Fiverr. want to grow
Need a help about gigs
Completed my first order in 17 days ago
Why I can't get any buyer?
How can I get orders on my new gig?
Why dont i get order?
How to rate up my acount
Hello!I am a fresher on fiverr
Please help me out with my gig. (Constructive Criticism)
Can someone check my Fiverr Gig?
How to get first order for new seller
I'm newbie in Fiverr, So Need Tips
As a New Seller. How to achieve first order?
How to get orders on my new gig?
Urgent help needed?
Need to know about gig SEO
No any order coming
Don't getting orders
No any order coming
Hard work but not paying off
How to promote my fiverr gig ? in fiverr web side
I need to help for earn more money
Why everyone telling being active in Forum will help to grow in fiverr
Check out my gig and give me any suggestions that how I get first order on Fiverr
How to reach at buyer
How can I active my account 24/7?
Long time i don't get any order
Gigs are losing ranks day by day
No work getting frequently
Can't get any orders last 13 days!
How can i active 24 hours on fiverr?
How can i active 24 hours on fiverr?
I didn't get my order yet
New responds on my gigs
GIG Impression, Click, view
New on Fiverr need suggestion
Should i delete my gig?review it
New user but no orders
Very low gig impressions
How Can I Get More Impression
Need expert suggestions
Why there is no order for me
Working experience
Rate my mascot/ character gig
How can I make people see my gig?
How can i build my career in fiverr?
How can i get first order as newbe?
A little disappointment
New on fiverr. How to get orders?
How Can I solve my GIG impression because I’m new in Fiverr
Help on Gigs views
How can i improve my selling on fiverr as i m beginner
How to i get order
How do i get my first project on Fiverr as i am new on Fiverr?
New member in Fiverr( beginner)
Check out my gig and say ur thoughts
How can I bring an order to my account?
Does staying online all the time help in getting order?
Help with impressions
Now I want to start working on Fiverr
I'm still waiting for the first order :)
I'm Glad to Provide Services on Fiverr
Hi there, new user here!
Feeling so disappointed
Badly waiting for my 1st sell
How to work in gigs fiverr
I just open my account, advice please
Need impression/clicks/order on gig
I will search business email and collect valid information
Hello Fiverr from Ukraine
New seller need your help
Help for promoting my fiverr account
I need your help! I am new here
I need some suggestions
How can I get a more sell
Spending 2 years without any work
My gigs is not improving . getting no order . Clicks and impression is going down .why?
What are the ways to improve my gig
Help Me! Not Getting Orders
Gig marketing tips for senior's
New to fiverr, but facing some issues regarding rating,
New Born Fiverr User
Getting clicks but getting no order
How can i get my first sale? i'm new
Improve my gig in top page
How to improve my own gig on Fiverr
New Seller any feedback on my first gig would be appreciated
No order is coming from fiverr. What can I do now?
Please help me check if there is anything wrong with my gig!
Hey new to this today
Changes are needed in this gig?
New user at fiverr help me everyone
Hi, I,m a New Seller on Fiverr. Can anybody Provide me? How can i get first fast order?
Why my 2nd order is not coming?
Is it creative or anything need to add?
Hello! I'm a new seller on Fiverr. I need your help!
Help to Improve my b2b Gig
Hi ! New-ish seller here!
Please Help Me Immediately!
How can I get first order, and more click my gig?
GIG Improvement : Assistance
Help with profile
Need suggestion for more selling
I will give you genuine, active and valid email address for your business
Feedback my new gig
Need Help Improving Gig Attention
For keep online i need to refresh everytime?
Trouble in getting buyers
Hy i am ifta m new fiver user i am looking to make a first sale
No orders yet.. Waiting since 2 months
Hello world fiverr
Looking my gig is best please reply
No fiverr order since last year
Hello mates (Seniors)
Improve My Gig Please!,
New seller introduction As a Ayeaha
New Gig whiteboard explainer videos
No more impressions after 8 rating
Still No Orders what I Do?
Gig impression are getting down
No order -i need help of expert
No order from 3 months
Sad to have no orders for 2 months
I am new here and have not received one order in 2 months
How can I improve click on my all gigs?
I have my Fiverr gig up for a while but no orders
Not enough buyer request every day earned
I need to find the first buyer
I need buyer How can I get it
I don't know how and how to get the buyer to the order quickly
I need to find the first buyer
Updated Gig and impression went down
How did you get successful on Fiverr (share your story)
Is my jingle good?
Optimizing my gigs
I'm new here.How can I be a success for this platform.?
Hello guys i am New on fiverr
Gig Expression Decreasing
Hello, need tips for getting orders
Hello, everybody! I'm Nursultan and I'm new here
Improve my gig pls :(
Gig improvement - Asking for feedback from you!
Support me in getting orders. I really need some work
Used Fiverr on and off never had an order
Support mentally,please
Maximum time Online on Fiverr to win the JOB?
2 gigs completed
Video games and how they changed me
Data Entry, Web Research & Social Media Marketing
Waiting for first work since last 4 days
How many hours need to stay fiverr to get work?
Hi, I'm a Newbie fiverr
How can i receive more buyer request?
How to increase gig click and view
What we need to do to get regular orders?
Some advice for a new one?
Hello I am new, someone helps me with my Questions down
Can you please check my gig
How can I get my first order as of the new seller?
Can you suggest any methods for getting first order on fiverr
Hello Everybody 🙂 I am new at fiverr
Hey I need some suggestion about my gig
Hello Everyone, I am new in this platfrom Hope you try to help you?
How do I improve my gigs (all suggestion are welcome)?
Help me! to increase my gig & profile rank
How to have many orders?
Advices about how to get orders
Hi all ,I’m new seller here . I joined it few days ago but can't get order
Hi, I am a new seller. Please visit my Gigs

BRAVO! I bookmarked this!


Thanks for making this video. It’s so true
Especially about point 2. I am sick of those youtube gurus who make these silly videos only for views and newbies come to this platforms without any skills and cry about not getting orders. You said right background removal is the most saturated makret and more and more sellers are coming in this without any skills.


that’s a good idea…


Very useful post! I’m sure this will be linked to many times over the coming years.

@1.13 – Ah, Spam. Delicious as part of an Hawaiian breakfast. The other type, that’s not so great!


Thanks for making this video. It’s really helpful :+1:


It’s really true.
I think not only on Fiverr but also on other freelancing sites there’s the same situation.
And I have seen multiple YouTubers saying you don’t need to have any skills to work on Freelancing.
And its strange to staying online 24/7 and getting orders.

I had checked the channel, its amazing. Going to check another video regarding Fiverr on channel.
Good :+1: :+1:


Bookmarked, :heart:ed, and added to my ‘Guide’ for if I ever get the chance to update it.


Good video :slight_smile:
It does seem to flick to a different image then back again around 0:43.

At around 2:31 it says “So while sending buyer requests is quite a useful way to get orders…” - shouldn’t it say “So while sending offers to buyer requests is quite a useful way to get orders…” - otherwise some people might actually send buyer requests to try to get orders (advertising their gig) and get their requests denied/flagged.


Its better practice to appreciate it. Just saying!!


I just love the image where teddy staring laptop screen :smiley:


very important video for new seller on Fiverr.


Point 3: Promote your gigs on social media.
I always try to write an article relevant to the service I offer. Then I share it on social media with my gig link.
I think this is not spam, right?


Excellent! Just what the forum needs!

One for the “share cupboard”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good video and thanks for posting.

The sad thing is that those who really should view the video will probably never see it.

Which is why we will continue to see the same poor advice dished out on the forums.


great. this is very helpful video for all. thank you


Thanks for sharing your video


Thank you for sharing amazing video , its Important Video for New Seller .
Thank you again 0


Thank you for sharing video :+1:

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It’s really very helpful video. Thank You.

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