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Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

Wow. Thats wonderful. Thanks

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Thanks alot! I will direct them to this video when they say " how to get order".


thank you :heart_eyes:

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I’m new to fiverr and found this really helpful. Great video :v:t5:

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Thank you. This cleared up quite a bit of confusion for me


Myth 6: Having many gig favorites rank your gig higher.


Myth 7: Offering unlimited revisions is necessary for getting first orders.


Thanks for giving such an amazing information :heart_eyes:

So why Fiverr ask to share your gig on social media when you create Fiverr profile you see that the Fiverr said share your gig.

Sharing would probably help,…but not keep sharing again and again !

Because sharing gives fiverr boost on search engine too !
Its not only helping you but it helps fiverr way more than it helps you!

Hope you know that any game or app keep asking you to share its link with others , this is almost same !


That is very true @surajrenuka - everything Fiverr does or says is aimed at improving their bottom line …

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This. You should do unlimited revisions only if you’re a high-level/Pro seller.


Thanks for guiding me


Still far too risky.
Unlimited is NEVER a good idea.


What? Why? You shouldn’t do them, period.


No pro seller would dream of offering unlimited revisions


I never liked unlimited revisions because buyer can ask for revisions even if he come after so many years and you can’t do anything about it because YOU offered unlimited revsions and buyers can take advantage of it.

Happy Birthday @coerdelion May you have many more!


I would never put them myself either but it would be fine to put it as a formality, in my opinion, when working on a large project.
A customer who puts a large sum of money forward is looking to be seriously satisfied with the completed work. It’s not going to turn into a hotbed for overworking/abuse like it happens with 5$ gigs. And there’s always CS if that happens. Again, it’s a formality. Most Pros I’m seeing right now put it in their premium package.

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Nope, still not going to agree with unlimited.


Maybe the next myth debunking video could include something like that. :slight_smile:
Or whether unlimited revisions helps for orders, and if so how much. But even if it helps, one person asking for a 50 revisions is going to make it not worth it anyway.

And it’s more complex I think than whether having “unlimited revisions” helps. Some people put “unlimited revisions” as one of the listed benefits in the gig description but only put unlimited in the premium package - and others put unlimited on all the packages. One of the top selling gigs has unlimited revisions in the premium package. Also even if having unlimited revisions helps get orders, it might not get the most revenue (which is why Pro gigs won’t have it). Also it doesn’t mean that having a limited number of revisions is worse. It could just be that having enough revisions is better than none at all. It’s also complicated by packages - what’s the best number of revisions for each package? I think a certain number of revisions will actually be better for orders than unlimited and also prevent you having to work potentially forever (or eg. >=40 revisions) on one order.