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Top 5 software every freelance writer should have for effective work delivery

These are the list of software I already have installed on my laptop that enables me to deliver my jobs effectively and keeps my clients loyal and happy. In this post, I wish to share them with other freelance writers so they can equally benefit from it. Some of them are free while the paid versions come with more advanced features. Without further ado, lets jump right in.

GRAMMARLY: This software is the number one software every blogger and writer MUST HAVE. It is non-negotiable. This helps eliminate grammatical, spelling as well as punctuation errors. Others include ProWritingAid and Hemmingway.

BUZZ SUMO: This very popular app helps to find trending topics to write about in order to drive traffic to your blog or website.

UBERSUGGEST and Google Keywords: These helps you find the right keywords for your posts in order to rank high in search engines like Bing and Google.

PLAGIARISM CHECKER: If there’s anything clients hate more than anything is plagiarism in their articles. Clients have become really smart these days and know how to check if the articles you delivered are copied from another post. This app helps eliminate such.

Other tips for writers include but not limited to extensive research, proofreading and prompt delivery. Have a nice day!


How do you like Buzzsumo?


This feels like the first time in months that I have found myself reading a forum post, before thinking, “wow, what really useful information!”

Well done!

I already use all of these. However, I did only discover Buzzsumo quite recently. If you are a blogger, it can also be a good idea to find news aggregators in your niche for up-to-the-minute news and trending opinions.


Thanks A lot for sharing (:heartbeat:)


Another thing I most use is Ditto clipboard manager. I could copy so many items at once & paste accordingly. Life & Time saver thingy.


Thanks a lot for sharing… it would help me most … would u please share some awesome information for designers as well ?


BUZZSUMO has been very helpful. Do you use it s well?


You’re welcome Spondondotana

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For Graphic designer? Okay, I’ll do that.

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Thanks! I haven’t, but I am exploring my options for that kind of service.

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Is it a free plugin? I need to check it out

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Okay. You need to start exploring


Yes free, it’s a software.


I learned about Buzz Sumo and Ubersuggest in a Fiverr Learn course, actually, pretty useful, and not only for writers. :slight_smile:


Ever since I discovered those apps, writing has been very smooth for me

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Thanks a lot. I appreciate. I also discovered Buzz sumo recently

Already I have been using thus apps.It helps me very much.

That’s good to know. You can add to the list as well

Thank you gor the tips… I’m gonna try those softwares

As you mention list of software i also recommend google trends as a tool to find latest keyword and trending topic.

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