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Top 5 things Newbies (and other people) should NOT do on the forum


or Please Help Saving the Forum from Be(com)ing a Pain to Read and Use

  • The forum has Categories. Before you open a new topic, make reasonably sure it’s in the correct category.
    Not sure? Click the menu (3 horizontal lines in the top menu bar), click Categories, you’ll find a short text under each category name telling you what the category is for.

  • Don’t copy-paste other people’s stuff, neither stuff other forum users wrote, nor useful articles you found online, that’s not just bad style but against the forum rules too. We want to read what you have to offer to the community, your original thoughts, tips, and Fiverr experiences (even if not in perfect English, that doesn’t matter).

  • Before you start using the forum, read the forum rules, it won’t hurt and can save your posts from getting flagged by the community for violating the forum guidelines (a few important ones: don’t “name and shame” anyone, you wouldn’t want that done to you either; don’t insult anyone; don’t clutter threads with “Good tips!” – that’s what the likes (heart symbol below each topic/post) are there for; don’t spam your gigs – that’s what the My Fiverr Gigs category is for; don’t hijack other people’s threads for your own questions).

  • Have a question or problem? Ask yourself: Is it very probable that you’re the first one here who had that question/problem? If it seems probable that about 324 795 people before you already had that question/problem (and you can neither find the answer in Fiverr’s Terms of Service, nor in the Seller/Buyer Help Center), first use the forum search function (right next to your profile icon and the menu icon), it won’t bite, promise. Still no useful answer? Ask away.

  • Don’t rely on old, or any, forum info if it’s a vital problem that might make the difference to your account being restricted (and you losing your income and can’t feed your family anymore) or not. Especially if you find info that’s contradicting. Before you do something that might jeopardize your account, don’t pick the first answer you’ll find but look through several (preferably newer) threads concerning your issue – and if in doubt, ask Fiverr support for an official reply/statement.

What, I’m not supposed to do any of that? But what then?!

Well – Be nice, have fun, enjoy the community and the exchange with like-minded people, add something useful, write posts with new tips, share your own experience, share your bugs! (a shared bug is half a bug! :wink: ), have a good (even heated as long as fair and not insulting) discussion about something you feel is worth a discussion, … (and, yes, of course, rant in The Ranting Pot, but remember, even there, forum rules apply, and other people are people with feelings and stuff too!).

My objective with this post is not to discourage anyone from using the forum, not at all, quite the contrary, but we all want a forum that’s informative, interesting, fun, easy and quick to read, right?

P.S. In case you wonder why this ‘5 tips what to not do on the forum’ post isn’t in the right category (especially in the light of tip #1) – it’s just disguised as a tip post but in truth, it’s a rant. :triumph:


Taken from the OP’s post: :wink:


@miiila This should always be on top of the forum!


I fear there are too many posts that should always be on top of the forum, though, just like there are too many gigs that should always be on page 1 of search results. :wink:


True that. You know, you wrote 5 things, I bet you can wrote another 20 lol… Nice tips btw, thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


Or sometimes you just have to invent a reason to mask a spam attempt. Oopsie. :man_supervillain:

@miiila Nice post. Can we also add “learn english before posting here?” Or even more specific, “learn english before posting guides on forum”. Would be a nice addition. :smiley:


I am glad that you took the time to write this. However, the question is would the people that you intended this thread would take the time to read it. Nope! They would only comment “Thanks dear mam, diz tipz make difference”.

It’s obvious that I can “hide” some of the categories on my homepage, however, if I do hide them, then there isn’t anything at all.

Lately, the entire forum has turned into threads about “I got my second order”, then the same guy in two days “I got my fifth order”, then the same guy again “I got x number of orders in x number of days”. All of those threads are followed by meksel comments “congratz bro!” "Yahoooo! So happy for u bro! :crazy_face: ".


You can hide categories on this forum? What? :joy: How have I missed that?

Yea, it has become a spam fest around here. I don’t know who gave them the idea that having a lot of posts on Fiverr forum gives you orders (because it clearly doesn’t!), but we need to find that person’s phone number and send it to Liam Neeson.


And then a bunch of sellers congratulate that person with “Congratulations, dear! How did you do that? I still not one sale. Pray for me.”

Forums are for sharing insights, so we can all grow, but this one has just become a vehicle for unprofessional sellers who are unwilling to learn their business or communicate better to share common sense tips with each other and congratulate each other for accomplishing very basic things. It’s really annoying. Fortunately, it seems moderators remove some things when they’re reported.


Sorry, no, I don’t actually mind broken English unless it’s people who sell gigs translating into/from English, or English writing gigs.

Obviously, if you want to use an international, English-speaking platform, and take part in its forum, you should try to get your English skills up to a working, and then a good level as soon as possible, and improve on it, though, but let’s leave that out of this, I don’t want to discourage those whose English is good (enough) and who are actively trying.

I know what you’re talking about, of course, but your point would better have a dedicated topic and discussion of its own, to make sure it won’t discourage people who have something to contribute, or just want to be part of the community and join in the fun stuff, forum games or whatever, just because they feel like their English might not be good enough.
I have the feeling that with a too placative statement, one would rather hurt people one doesn’t even mean than encourage those who really need to work on their English most urgently to do it.


If you are on the buyer side, as I currently am. You would see the difficulty you would have with people that have broken English. In many cases, they don’t even understand my initial requirements, not to mention the revision requests.

However, if they do have broken English, but they fully understand my requirements I don’t have any problems at all.

I would argue that people which aren’t comfortable communicating in English to do an online test, or even take a test in a local foreign language school so they can do an assessment of their knowledge. That would make them be more comfortable with their skills. Plus, they have a lot of tools available at their disposal, like Grammarly, Duolingo…

Recently I had a short trip, and I had communication problems as in the country that I visited they had a lot of foreign workers which didn’t understand English really well. It’s the same thing for any major professional platform. After all, communication is the key! It was my first time ever, for an employee in Starbucks to not understand my order.

BTW: I don’t want to get a heated discussion with you. It’s just me #ranting some of the problems which I had recently due to communicating with people that had broken English. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s fine, I understand all that, I’ve bought here myself and of course I want to be able to expect that people I buy from do speak enough English “for the purpose”, I’d not buy from people I think won’t understand me/I can’t make myself understood to.

I totally understand that it’s an issue if buyers get sellers who don’t (by the way, there are also buyers who don’t speak English good enough for you to not have to guess what they mean, as you probably know even if you’re not a seller anymore/currently) and Fiverr main site even has a bit about English but it’s a whole other thing than “don’t clutter important forum threads with “thank you” notes” and such which really actually all are things that the forum rules say, apart from maybe my last point, which I added because of recent “events”, people maybe risking account suspension because of taking old threads/tips for gospel.

I just don’t want people who do speak English well enough to get the feeling that they should not participate in the forum, it was just a quick rant about some things that are/should be obvious (forum rules) and apply to anyone, but as I said, the language thing certainly is a good topic, but I think it should better be a separate thread/discussion, feel free to open one! But if you also just wanted to rant about it, like I about my points, that works too, of course. :wink:

That’s just what I’m saying really. As long as one can understand what someone is saying, be it main site or forum, things should be fine.

They never understand my name, in my own country and city, though, and I don’t always get what I order, which has nothing to do with language issues but with them not paying enough attention. :wink:

  1. If you are new, meaning you have less than about 20 reviews, don’t try to pretend you are an expert on how to get sales.


  1. Before posting anything on the forum read the terms of service.
    Don’t be lazy and skip doing this.

We get exhausted and disgusted constantly answering questions that are right there in the terms of service.


Definitely! I went for the person as he had great reviews and awesome portfolio. Perhaps, he just wanted to finish the order as soon as possible. :thinking:

Now when you are saying it, I get what might be the problem. I was in Germany too, in Munich. Hahaha. :smiley:



People should really read @miiila thread

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