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Top 5 Tips to get your website to the top of google search or else where

  1. Twitter presence you should optimized: We should promote our website over twitter… the more people see your website then needy people must will have a look… then you can make sells easily.
  2. Answering a question: May be visitors asks about your product. like “How to use them” “What is it” “regarding price” etc you should answer them politely.
  3. Natural links: Natural links comes from website who is genuine. do some blog comment related to yout website.
  4. Web 2.0 creation: web 2.0 is a kind of website which is CMS “content management system” free. Hosting is free. you should create many “as you can” and point to your website.
  5. Facebook: Last but not the least is facebook it always works to have an eye to the visitors.