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Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

So many newbies are being taken advantage of here on Fiverr by a small minority of predatory “buyers”. This is my take on how to protect yourself, thereby reducing the chances of a cancellation or negative review.

Special shout out to @melissaharlowvo for the buyer requirements section.


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Maita :sunny: has no access to see your video, Coerd… :cry:


That’s interesting - it’s supposed to be public! Lol - will see what I can do …


Should work now - in theory!


Another good one, Coerd. Thanks!

Offering unlimited revisions “chains you to the buyers who have bought from you for the rest of your life”. That line alone should scare the crap out of people who currently offer this.


Great video! Very well-explained, concise, and easy to understand. I hope all new sellers will take the time to watch it! I suspect some of the tips could be beneficial for some of the more experienced sellers as well.


It was helpful. Thanks man


Thanks for sharing this content @coerdelion. It would be very helpful to me. As I am new to Fiverr, I faced this scammy buyer problem. He insisted on giving some logo sketch for him without ordering. I was puzzled and didn’t know what to do at that time.


Though tip 3 assumes each person ordering the gig or gig package wants roughly the same amount of work. But the amount of work required might vary a lot depending on the project, like in the amount of manual work (eg. maybe 5 mouse clicks vs thousands) or amount time required in render time/upload time etc.

So for projects that are on the low end of the amount of work required (eg. they want something simple to do) in that package it might be worth offering a lower quote, because Fiverr doesn’t give that much scope for building in the exact amount of work required for the project into each gig/package.


Another excellent video for the "share " cupboard! :slightly_smiling_face:


Its really helpful, I learn something new from your tips. Thank you @coerdelion


I KNOW RIGHT… But unlimited revisions also gives you more chances to get the work… What’s the solution???


And also headaches, stress, despair and an endless list of issues, including scammers and abusive buyers.

DON’T offer unlimited revisions. Period!


As I’ve always said on here, unlimited revisions = unlimited headaches.


Can you prove this statement?


Set a number of revisions with which you are comfortable. One to 4 or 5.


I clapped my hands with. excitement when I say your new Fiver Tips post!


Interesting Video :slightly_smiling_face:


I did two backflips when I saw your new tips!


it was helpul, Thank you