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Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

Thank you so much.
@coerdelion I am new seller on Fiverr. I started from $5 so I feel it’s a risk to face the badly behaved buyers. Now I want to increase my gig price. Can I do this? May Fiverr allow me or Will face any problem?
Looking for experts suggestions.

Thanks for very very healpful video. This definitely needs to be a must-watch for new sellers!

Thank you for giving me a shout out in your great video! I was totally shocked and so grateful to you for spreading the word with MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS!

All 5 (and bonus 6th) tips were great and I will share it with new Fiverr sellers who reach out for help.

We are all in this together! Thank you again @coerdelion !!! :sunflower:

Wow! @ash_r_1997 that is a first! Sometimes I feel so naive! Ughhh that is a terrible abuse of this system. I hope that person is not a seller offering to increase your Youtube channel subscribers!

I am assuming you blocked this buyer and reported it to customer service!

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Yes, i have done that😊. Learnt a lesson now😅 on how to deal.

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Thanks for your tips. Its too helpful for me.

Great video leant something.