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Top 5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Badly Behaved Buyers

very informative

Good information, but although you limit the revisions, the systems allows unlimited revisions requests to the buyers.

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I have 0 revisions. Then I can decide if a buyer’s request for a revision is legitimate or if I need to send him a custom offer for one. This system has worked very well for me.

I put a limit on my revisions, but the Fiverr system allows buyers to request all the revisions they wanted. That does not make sense.

Buyers can request all they want but you do not have to give them for free

I know that, but if the client requests a change, the order can’t be completed.

I’m in the Graphic Design category maybe is different from the Proofreading and Writing category.

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Yes, a big difference I would say.

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it is amazing … thank you for your effort

It was helpful, Thank you

Nice video. This will make a good idea for everyone