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Top Buyer Badge Added [NEW]

Today fiverr technical team added top buyer badge in inbox… that is really amazing to find out good buyers… I think everybody will like that :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Better if they add a two way feedback system.

I think it’s a great idea! Now if only there could be some kind of warning for problematic buyers too.

@nirob_19, @cebooker and @mhwoolz - does anyone know what this badge actually means, regarding criteria?

For instance, someone in my queue who now has this badge is also a Fiverr Seller - and his overall Seller rating is only 2 of 5 stars…

I’d love to know the criteria for receiving this badge…

Reply to @mhwoolz: "3 negative feedbacks left. 5 cases opened on orders. 7 cancellations. Under the period of 1 month."

Badge awarded: Amateur Satan.

Reply to @david388: No idea! My guess would be the number of stars left in seller reviews after completing orders. I’m hoping for an official update from Fiverr though.

Reply to @kay2809: Hahaha yes, perfect. Maybe also include the number of messages sent within 1 hour?

Reply to @adnagam: same here - you have wonderful-looking Gigs, by the way!

Reply to @mhwoolz: hmm… I bet total $$ amount of purchases has something to do with it too. One of my Buyers is a “Top Buyer,” and he joined Fiverr to purchase from me - he has only made a few purchases, but they were large. I have a few other Buyers who have been here a while however, and are don’t have that special badge. Guess we’ll have to see if Fiverr publishes the “secret”!

Reply to @david388: That would make sense - a way to encourage people to spend more money on Fiverr.

Yes I am in agreement with everyone, wondering as well what this criteria is?

Yep, the “criteria” is they spent money.

LOL, nothing more (I suspect).

I see two of my worse every experiences with Fiverr buyers have that icon.

yes its really cool for understanding about your buyers presence in fiverr. :slight_smile:

What do you think you understand from it webexpert1313

Reply to @david388: Thank you so much!

The criteria cant be very high for this badge. I’ve been having a problem with a buyer who repeatedly asked me to supply more and more examples before ordering. I eventually put my foot down and said I cant do more without an order, no order was placed so I ignored further messages. He then placed a $5 order with the description “no responding” and cancelled straight away with the cancelation description “cancel” when I challenged him on it as being an attention gimmick he claimed it was a mistake. Now he has a Top Buyer badge? So either the Top Buyer badge means nothing or he is a liar. (probably both)

It means nothing…at least for now.

It’s gamification to have buyers feel appreciated…which may or may not enhance their purchase behavior.

Great idea! I just got an order from one. Does anyone know how many gigs you have to buy before you get that title?

Hello, that’s the good news about functionality. Everyone easily find your exist popular and top buyers in fiverr. who people active on fiverr and buying more gigs :slight_smile: Thanks