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Top Buyer Badge


Fiverr recently introduced a new Top Buyer badge, which is designed to help our seller community identify active buyers.

What is the Top Buyer badge?

The Top Buyer badge is a golden crown icon that is only added to a select group of buyers.

Where does the Top Buyer badge appear?

The Top Buyer badge appears next to the buyer’s username in your Inbox and My Contacts.

How is the Top Buyer badge calculated?

The Top Buyer badge is calculated by a number of factors including a high level of activity and orders on Fiverr.

New buyers with very high levels of activity, such as orders and frequent visits, could also receive the Top Buyer badge, so it’s not just restricted to repeat buyers who have been using the platform for a long time. It is important to note that the Top Buyer badge is updated regularly based on the factors above and is only visible to our seller community.

How does this help sellers?

Like any small business or entrepreneur, getting to know your customer is a vital component for growth and success. The Top Buyer badge allows sellers to identify high activity customers so you can develop a stronger business relationship and maintain the responsiveness rating. It’s here to help you know your customers better.

The badge is just one indicator that helps address three basic customer-relation principles of bringing new buyers, retaining existing buyers and taking care of your best customers.

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So it was the first time I encountered a “Top Buyer” this week, I was all so “giddy” about actually having a conversation with one as I was expecting that she/he will pay well and it would be a pleasure to do work for him/her. Unfortunately, things went the other way… She/he wanted me to do so much for $5, which is really out of what I’ve mentioned in my gig description… Well I didn’t want to be an overworked mule so I honestly told the person I wouldn’t do it for that amount, you’ll have to order more gigs or check my extras. And afterwhich, I never heard from him/her again… (I don’t really mind hearing from the person again, really. haha!)

So I guess the Top Buyer badge really just means how much you’ve spent on Fiverr?? I was expecting more from the requirements to be a Top Buyer… But ahh, oh well. I guess that’s that.


I like this a lot. Helps me know that it is a buyer that knows how the process works. Makes it easy to proceed.


Reply to @fivergraphics5: visible private, meaning you can see behind the scenes what a user’s engagement is on the platform?


Honestly, this badge really doesn’t do anything?..I treat ALL buyers the same? While the logo to let us know they are a repeat is nice, i am not going to give more TLC to any other client via this logo? Again, all clients should be treated the same. In fact, I just got ANOTHER PayPal Chargeback scammer this week of $400 and guess what, they had this very badge beside their name.

Honestly as a seller, it does not the first thing.


Can a leveled seller also be a top buyer?


It is nice. But this doesn’t mean we have to be prejudiced in our business dealings.


I love this feature. It highlights buyers who enjoy spending more on fiverr, what’s to dislike? I know I can offer them a high priced custom order and they usually accept it.


@meggananderson I can imagine how you have felt with that…


I don’t think all the Top Buyers are trustworthy. I actually had a Top Buyer few days ago who tried to put false allegations that the work is copied to get the work for free. I confronted him with sufficient proof that what the delivered was 100% original and further nuisance will be reported to Fiverr CS. He backed off saying it was a misunderstanding blah blah blah!

I’m never going to put my hopes high of Top Buyers any further! :frowning:


wooohooo, great one there


So… this doesn’t really explain what a buyer actually needs to do to receive the badge or what benefits they might receive, if any. Still very unclear.


I think it would be helpful if the ratings buyers have received from sellers had an effect on whether or not they get and keep a Top Buyer badge. Since sellers don’t have access to see the ratings of a buyer, at least if we knew that the ratings given to buyers have an effect, it would help sellers know that our opinions about the transaction made a difference. Sellers are expected to keep a fairly high rating for a reason and I’d love to have that be true for buyers as well. :slight_smile:


Awesome job, this is finest feature which helps us during the process in various ways.

thank you fiverr and great fiverr team. we salute you for listening us.


this is really very helpfull.


This is another great feature in Fiverr… It really helpful to create strong relationships for sellers…


Thanks really helpful…


I feel like this is just another attempt to keep ‘opinionated’ sellers happy. Sure it’s nice to see if a buyer (or that particular account, as we know all too well that many buyers have several accounts despite the TOS) has made numerous purchases, but it would be much better if this feature also factored in the reviews given to them by sellers and the reviews they left for previous purchases. This just doesn’t go far enough in my opinion. Fiverr needs to realize that their community will fair far better if they implement a truly transparent system on both sides of the gig economy…

With that being said, I appreciate the effort.


I like this feature, very helpful.


This is helpful.