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Top Buyer blocked or problem

A Top Buyer contacted me for asking a service … and i said i’ll show you a sample if you like the place the order.
but when i submit a sample almmost complete but with a Watermark that is hard to remove.

i dont know what happen but it showing me this message.

On Web
(Client name) is not accepting messages at this time.

on Android app
(Client name) can no longer be contacted. it wil not effect your reponse rate.

on his account in conversation… shows online and sometime Away… his id can still be opened…

What is happening?
Guide me

Will this effect my id ?


You got blocked by buyer


But why Two different message showing on app and web

No idea, but the thing is that you can’t contact him anymore.

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If he blocked me i think i showed him a complete sample and after that he blocked me but did not check that there is a watermark on it the he cannot remove easily.

Will this effect my account?

and should I report him or not?

I don’t know if you gave him a complete work for free or not, but if it’s the case, you got tricked.
No it doesn’t affect your account and no need to report. It has just happened.

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I thought he is Top buyer so Showing hin a complete work is not a problem first…
Because i was seeing a potential client now and in the future Aswell because of the work he ask for…

So completed the work but send the picture in low resolution but stll good to see the work with a Watermark in it …

And right after that he blocked me…

i thought it will effect my account because fiverr prohibit the work before the order?

You got tricked then, and no, nothing will be affected, if I was you, I just would have put another whatermark.

Looks like i should never trust any buyer not the top rated

Top Buyer status is pretty easy to achieve. Trusting a buyer simply because they have that label is a bad move.

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It’s not a matter of top rated, it’s just logic and obvious that they can do this.

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I will definitely be cautious next time.
and never trust any buyer.

That’s the basic point everywhere you go on internet

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Thank you so for guidance.

Instead of never trusting any buyer, a more appropriate course of action would be never give any free work.

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The buyer has blocked you. Be more careful in the future. Good luck.

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I’ll keep this in mind… i thought putting watermark would be enough

Thank you so much for your Guidance.