TOP BUYER - What is it? Customer Support's Answer


I recently noticed a topic discussing what the ‘Top Buyer’ badge means and how or to who it is given.

Not too long ago I happened to ask Custom Support those same questions and got the official answer:

“The Top Buyer badge is calculated by a number of factors including a high level of activity and orders on Fiverr.
New buyers with very high Levels of activity, such as orders and frequent visits, could also receive the Top Buyer badge, so it’s not just restricted to repeat buyers who have been using the platform for a long time. It is important to note that the Top Buyer badge is updated regularly based on the factors above and is only visible to our seller community.
The Top Buyer badge allows sellers to identify high activity customers so you can develop a stronger business relationship and maintain the responsiveness rating. It’s here to help you know your customers better.”

I, personally am still not sure how to check If I myself have the badge, but nevertheless I hope this clears things up !



ah it’s clear now thank you


Pretty much what I stated in those threads about “Top Buyer”.


Not really…
No where in the message did he mention any specific numbers…
But perhaps it is indeed a factor he did not mention.


I don’t know how many tickets you opened with CS. But have you EVER found a DEFINITIVE answer to your queries from ANY one of them?

Obviously not.

I am not throwing speculation, but my numbers are from a Verified Buyer.
Just sayin…


In that case, thank you :slight_smile: