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Top Buyers Scam

Heelo Fiverr community its my first post .
i met with top buyer here and as i was new so , i was motivated and i started working with top buyer and budget was 50$ but buyer only gave me 15$ as i was new so , i accept and give the delivery , after 2 revisions all was perfect but buyer gives me 1 star rating , reason was seller is unprofessional .? I worked hard for his project With low price
I dont know why this in justice


sorry you got scam though…doesn’t fiverr have invoices?

Hi there, welcome to the forum.

Top Buyer means nothing other than that it’s a buyer who spent some amount of money on Fiverr, it doesn’t mean they behave in a professional way, Fiverr doesn’t do monthly evaluations of Top Buyers like they do with Top Rated Sellers or anything.

I see that the gig you got that review for promises “I will rank your youtube video on first page within 24 hours”. That seems to be quite a big promise, did you do that, did you rank his video/s on the first page within 24 hours?

In any case, a buyer is allowed to give feedback about their experience, and if he felt that you were not professional, it’s his right to express that. I see that you replied to that review already. For the next time, you might want to think about your reply a while and make sure it reflects your professionality because potential buyers might judge you more based on your reply than your buyer’s feedback.

A review/feedback doesn’t really have much to do with justice or injustice, it’s the personal opinion of a buyer/seller about the experience they had with the seller/buyer. You might find it unjust but the buyer apparently felt like it was a bad experience, and gave feedback accordingly.

What you say about your buyer, that he wanted to pay you only $15 instead of $50 because you’re new, that wasn’t very professional either, but you could have declined.

This is a sad experience for both you and the buyer, it seems, but there’s no scam anywhere. Both buyers and sellers are entitled to leave feedback as they see fit (within the constraints of the terms of service), and even if the buyer told you he wants only to pay $15 instead of $50, you could have said no. You can’t accept that price yourself and then call it a scam. A scam would be if the buyer would have tricked you into doing the work without placing an actual order and never intending to pay, for example.

Where did the $50 price come from, was that from a Buyer Request? Your gig is $5 for the basic, $10 for the standard and $15 for the premium package, so maybe he was confused that he should pay $50, or was that for more videos than the 5 that are included in the premium package for $15, or other specific requirements that were not covered by the premium gig?

I’d really be careful with something like promising page 1 within 24 hours, I’m pretty sure that will lead to more bad reviews if you’ll even get another order now on that gig.

One of the very few people I blocked so far was a “Top Buyer”, because he was behaving extremely unprofessional, childish and insulting (luckily already before it even got to the point of an order). I wouldn’t recommend anyone to put much if any weight on the “Top Buyer” badge. Judge buyers by what they write/how they behave, not by labels.


I am a new seller and on learning stage. Its difficult to deny buyer, if this is first order or so…

To rank in first page, are you serious?
Even top well known artist cant rank so fast with millions of subscribers to top 1 first page ;d

Me? Yes, I’m serious. I don’t have any gigs that make promises that I can’t keep :wink:

Top buyer badge doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to have a good experience with the person, unfortunately. It only means that they’ve spent X amount of money on the platform in total while, quite possibly, being dishonest and abusive to other sellers along the way.

Ups, it was written for post creator,

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I KNOW , That was for just attraction and i did not promise any one for 1st ranking , Even my requirements includes that there is no gurantee of ranking.

That’s such a dishonest tactic. I’m amazed you’re openly admitting to it.

Your gigs LITERALLY say you will rank videos and pages number one on YouTube and Google. I’m not paraphrasing, you have it in your Titles, your description, even an image that says “Rank #1 in Google”.

To then make a disclaimer that you don’t actually promise a ranking in the REQUIREMENTS (only visible once the buyer has paid for the order) is called a Bait and Switch. Honestly, if I bought from you and you did that to me, I’d be hitting the cancel button at the speed of light, and if that didn’t work, leaving a 1-star. I’m sorry, but it’s no wonder your only review is such a slamming one.

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