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Top five most expensive service or gig you can offer on fiverr

Top 5 most expensive fiverr gig.


Selling your soul to Satan for $1,000. After Fiverr and Paypal cuts…you are left with $666


you can do translation and make income better than video editors ,
or you can do graphic designer and do nothing.

Be good as field you find it is the best for you.

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I have my niche and it’s doing well. I am just curious about. Is it possible to offer a service as high as $2000 or $5000


I think it’s $999 max for the basic package. Though you you can send an offer on a buyer request (maybe depending on the category) up to $5000.


I bet she didn’t want to work for $5 or $10… or even $2000
She left Fiverr


had that fake photo too. (I know I know, but it’s really one of those things that makes fiverr and everyone that uses it look bad)

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I found one for 40,500USD

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it is Video Production

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I have seen $3700 and it is web research service.

This thread was created 2.5 years ago, before Fiverr Pro existed. Now there’s Fiverr Pro they can create high priced gigs but it’s not applicable to those who aren’t Fiverr Pros as they can still only have gigs up to about $995.

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