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Top Intro Makers On Fiverr Using Video Hive Templates


Top Intro makers/ Logo animators are using video hive templates . In this reason Many genuine sellers not get selling. what can we do


same question here most of seller on intros and animated logo category are using 3rd party template without any rights


Just wait. They will be gone in a few months.


I don’t know anything about video making. Are they claiming they are their own original videos? Or do they say they are videohive ones they are editing?


they use videohive template and produce videos for clients when videohive don’t give permission to make videos for more than one clients


It doesn’t matter what they do or say, they are all breaking the law. If a seller on Videohive sells a video template for $20 but stipulates that it can not be sold commercially, anyone selling that template on Fiverr is breaking the law.

Sadly, Fiverr has really shot itself in the foot with this issue now, as despite numerous takedown requests, sellers who have had gigs removed have been allowed to simply list these again using the exact same stolen material. Worse than that, there are now several sellers every day listing the exact same stolen templates.

Put simply. Videohive says “Oi Fiverr, get rid of these 100 people selling our stuff illegally.” Fiverr then says “Mmhh Okay.” Then 6 months later there are 300 people selling the same stolen material and Fiverr simply stops answering the phone.

The big issue, though, is that you’re not talking about Facebook or Amazon here getting annoyed with a few people selling fake likes. Your talking about lots of individual professional design studios who sell through places like Videohive who are now starting to get very very angry. In like regard, you’re not just talking about the original creators of video work, you are also talking about people who have created music scores for videos, meaning that every time a single stolen video is sold on Fiverr, you have 3 separate copyright infringements happen at once. - The video creator, the music artist, and the owners of Videohive.

There is a lot of anger about this issue and it’s starting to get quite a lot of attention, especially since Fiverr started trying to present itself as the place for Pro quality services.


That and the sites that host the content require that the actual artist be the one to file the complaint in order for something to be done instead of those that are looking out for the artist. There are a couple of creative sites that I hang out on that have this issue with one where I actually contacted support and informed them that there was a site that was selling creators images with the original site watermarks and all. What did they do?

Nothing. They said unless I’m the actual artist of the work in question they can’t take any action. But it’s stuff from the site with the site’s watermark, along with countless content from other websites?


It’s been going on since Fiverr’s early days, what makes you think they will be gone in a couple of months?

@misscrystal hey mislead customers by telling them its their own work.

Those gigs would be perfectly legal if they purchased a new license each time, provided said license to each buyer AND had a disclaimer that they offer a template.


An artist I found and informed about a problem with their work being sold on Fiverr lodged a complaint and had it removed. Now there is lots more of their work being sold on Fiverr so I dropped them a line and they said that they are aware how bad the situation was now (every day at least $100 is made on Fiverr using their work) but the issue is now part of a bigger investigation. In this case, I’m guessing that it will end up being like the Amazon debacle where Amazon sits and watches lots of people selling reviews and then stings them all at once as part of a bigger hit.

Makes sense when you think about it, as theoretically Videohive should have the real names and credit card payment addresses of every person selling their material on Fiverr.

As for:

It’s exactly that attitude which is Fiverr’s problem. Would you or do you think Fiverr would just sit there if I started somehow selling your work somewhere and making myself a tidy profit?

You can’t have a freelance marketplace which says, “hey, we hand-pick all these amazingly talented pro people!” And then, “Meanwhile we have this bunch over here who we try to encourage to make us as much money as possible before someone rumbles what they are doing as a bit illegal.”


As a legal matter, fiverr says it is just a platform for freelancers so how much they are legally at fault is the question. Of course they will cooperate if they have to.


If you search for my posts here on the Forum, you will find 80% of them are me trolling people who resell VH templates, calling them out, and fighting piracy in general.

I can also share with you dozens of tickets I have opened with CS about illegal gigs, and hundreds of messages I’ve sent to VH authors over the years.

So please don’t judge me as “part of the problem”, I was just asking what made you think that Fiverr will suddenly change its policy.

Also, have you tried reporting an illegal gig via Fiverr’s copyright infringement form? :slight_smile:


Help I have not sold anything
I have not sold anything

Some top seller are using BueFX templates to sell intro logo service bluefx don’t allow to use their templates to sell


That isn’t true at all. :no_mouth:

From the appropriate page on their website (really easy to find by the way):
The BlueFx Extended License
Every Bluefx template comes with a special Extended License, to use that template in any number of projects,
for an unlimited number of clients, forever.

What it does say is this:
Yes, you may use the BlueFx templates to offer your video services on freelance sites such as, our license permits this.

Don’t use any of the BlueFx presentation videos or voiceovers to present your service (gigs). In other words, don’t pretend you are Bluefx.
So, don’t copy our video presentations or voice-overs. Instead, make your own video presentation for your service using the video that you
create with our templates.


In my opinion almost 60-70% people are using pirated templates…If Fiverr remove them all, then Fiverr will have 20-30 professional people.


That isn’t actually funny.

There are intro video templates available which come with a full commercial licence. Not every seller on Fiverr is a ‘pirate’.

You could say the same for logo templates, business card templates, letterhead templates etc.


But this is reality. I have seen lots of people who are using pirated templates.


And you have proof? If so, report them to CS - if you have the proof.


This is not my issue. :slightly_smiling_face::roll_eyes::neutral_face:


It’s actually fairly easy to spot them:

check their gig’s pricing.

If they are selling it for $5 and the template costs $15-$40, then it’s simple math.


Fait enough if it is a VH template but not all intro videos are from VH.