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Top notch web design for only $5


Hi there, I am a web designer with over 7+ years experience and a bachelors in computer science from University of california-san diego. I am just geting started here on fiverr and I am looking to create a website for anyone who is wanting a million dollar website for a price of only $5.

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Wow that was great motivation


What a title!..


Why not create a million dollar website for yourself :wink:

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Please don’t lie. People with any degree for a Californian university are not doing websites for $5. $5=0 in California, pretty much.

Also no way you’ll deliver a great website for $5, let alone a million dollar website.


There are many reasons why someone would offer any service for $5, often when they’re just starting out to build up their business, get a few reviews under their belt etc.

Automatically assuming that they’re telling fibs, and announcing in it publicly, is more than a little unfair. :wink:


That wasn’t the only reason, to be honest, something feels off about the english. In any case, I disagree with you. Nobody is offering million dollar websites for $5. That doesn’t happen. If so, please tell me where. I’ll buy 100.


That’s fine, but often things are better kept to ourselves than said out loud.

The OP is simply promoting their gig, in the right section of the forum. I doubt they were asking for feedback or opinions on their qualifications etc.:slightly_smiling_face:


No, the OP is promising “a million dollar website for $5”. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence :slight_smile:


If the OP’s buyers are unhappy, I’m sure they’ll leave suitable feedback, as they will if they’re delighted.

Good luck to @bashswebdesign. :slightly_smiling_face:


The thing is, any good buyer won’t try to buy a great website for $5, for he knows that doesn’t exist. This is setting up for failure, to be honest, he will be hit with demanding, bottom of the barrel buyers that will expect the world for $5. Bad move.


Again, this is ‘My Fiverr Gigs’ - the OP can post their gig to promote it. If they wanted advice, I’m sure they’d have posted in ‘Improve My Gig’.
The end.


Sure, they can, but there’s no point. It’s not like there are buyers here looking for gigs to buy. He won’t get a single sale from posting here, so :confused: