Top of the line equipment for mixing/mastering music


If you’re an artist/band, you should really check out my gig on Fiverr. I’ve got GREAT gear, not just one of those engineers who takes a picture in someone else recording studio and only has software plug-ins on their daily setup. I have a gear list of all the gear I own on my gig page, as well as samples as to what I can do. I know there are a lot of people on Fiverr that try to offer services without really investing in their business but I am not one of them.

Here are some samples of my work with real Fiverr clients:

If you are only familiar to engineers using plug-ins to mix your music, give my gig a try, I guarantee you the difference between plug-ins and equipment is night and day. I’ll even go on to say I guarantee satisfaction, if I can’t show you results I will refund your money.

However, I’m not going to say I can perform miracles. If your recordings aren’t done properly, I may request to cancel your order and refund your money. So please contact me before you order so we can go over the details, requirements, and pricing.

I am also VERY OPEN to collaborating with other sellers in the music and audio category. If you have a good quality gig and think we could work together feel free to shoot me a message!