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TOP Position in Fiverr search page


Hello friends,
I need to know, how can I get top position for my gig ? My gig was top position, but since 20days it was in 2-4 pages . I always update my gig’s title, description, price, image, video, tags everything . But not getting the first place . What to do now ?
Thanks in advance . Looking forward to hear from you .
Web Expert48


I think it’s a matter of how much better other Gigs are doing.
You’re doing great: 100 reviews all with 5 stars! Your last delivery was 11 hours ago.
There are just few positions at the first page and not all can find a place there, but you need to go on with the good job, even when you’re not in the first positions, if you go on like this you’ll get there sooner or later :+1:


Dear @web_expert48,

Don’t Change gig’s title, description, price, image, video, tags Many Times.


Hey @web_expert48

Thanks for the sharing your experience, But this is not way you can got the TOP position on 1st page because you have read the article for the seller tip and many more also you can search for the how the other was go top of page you have to minimum review also that’s important, on’t changes the gig title and description because if you can changes the detail of your gig then it will take some time to visible to on page, if you can changes the title every time them you can your gig was was not visible so don’t changes the detail. hope this is help. :laughing:


I strongly disagree with this. Sellers should not be afraid to change, update or improve their gigs as often as they feel the need. A gig should be fluid and changeable as it grows and becomes more popular. Prices change, marketing directions change, services are always improving.

Gigs were meant to be changed and updated. Failing to innovate merely because you fear a short disappearance from the search results, is the wrong concept to focus on.

Not to mention that fact that you should never rely on a certain placement in the search results. A seller’s gigs are defined by more than their search position. Focus on the quality of your services, not where you rank in the ever-changing search results.


Thanks for the replay @jonbaas but if you can changes the gig title and other things then it will take some times to appear in search result ?


Of course it will, up to a few days. But that is to be expected. Fiverr reviews all gig updates and changes, most likely to ensure that those edits or updates do not break Fiverr’s rules and Terms of Service.


Thanks for the let me know.


You are the welcome. :wink:


Fiverr team are doing some kind of experiment these days and most of the seller lost their ranking and sales

So just wait and watch hope it will fix soon


Thank you . :slight_smile:


Dear @jonbaas ,
I’m very excited to know about how can I get TOP POSITION in search page . Waiting for your reply . Thanks in advance


You may not like my answer. But, here it is: Work hard.

If you want success, reputation and site visability, you’re going to have to work for it. There are no freebies here on Fiverr. Success is not given, it is earned.


Thanks . I have got my answer .


your are awesome sir,… give the all question answer…:slight_smile:


Work hard but for the right amount. :wink: Do you think the traffic guys with 30k reviews are woking hard?!
My tip:
I think it’s possible for you to rank top3 for your keyword but under “Recommended” sorting. - at the moment, since there a few sellers who took advantage of this.
Fiverr has a new field called SEO Title, it’s right under the Gig title when editing your gig. Have a go at it, you remember how Google used to work “hint hint”.

Once you go there, don’t get comfortable but try to “build a connection” with your customers.
In the last couple of years I was in the top3 under “banner design” very often, but with fiverr updates in ranking gigs I’ve seen 3k review gigs with constant 20 queue orders get on the 3’rd page and stay there.

So my final advice: be a temp here, make some money and build your own business aside.