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TOP POSTERS: Do you feel that being an active member of the Fiverr Forum helps you in sales at all?


I am really starting to enjoy the Fiverr forum. It’s in my nature to want to be very helpful, so responding to the discussions here where I can answer a question about Fiverr, clear up confusion, etc… allows me to fulfill my want to help people. :smiley: It’s also really fun and I learn A LOT of new things and get to communicate with a lot of good people. :slight_smile:

So, I feel as though I could one day become a Top Poster here in the Fiverr forum! :D/

I was just wondering if the current Top Posters feel that being an active member of the Fiverr Forum helps you as far as sales go. Has it provided you with more sales due to the increased exposure from being seen frequently on the forum? Or, does it have little to no effect at all on sales and such? :-/


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Aw, I did a search before I posted. Didn’t see that or anything similar at all. Hmm… :confused:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Well, I don’t think it’s good to post threads that have have already been posted several times, as people will understandably get tired of seeing the same thing over and over, and it just fills forums with duplicate content.

But yes, the search must need some improvement so that things can easily be found and it can reduce duplicate threads if people use the search, lol. I use the search before posting each time, yet my post is still a duplicate because I didn’t see any similar posts via the search. :frowning:


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: I think it seems different enough to stay. But it’s not up to me, lol.

*we are so off-topic, lol!


I haven’t noticed any difference. There are too many factors to really know. I wonder how many buyers are actually roaming around on the forums. If it’s all Sellers, I wouldn’t think forum posting would help that much. It may help sales more if you posted more in the “Tips for Buyers” area.

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The forum is made out of 90% sellers. I can tell you that much. Prohelper should know this better than anyone, if they wont read your description, there is no way one would want to read the forums. I dont expect any sales from here, rather than just interacting,learning and being part of a awesome community of lively lovely people such as OBG,madmoo and ozzie that I have met recently. :slight_smile:


@prohelper27 I am not a TOP POSTER but I have made a lot of friends here and in other Fiverr Forums and groups. I know that Fiverr Sellers are also Buyers. I myself, prefer to do business with people I know and like and all though I have not placed orders with all of my Fiverr friends, I have ordered from many of them and I also refer them to my buyers on a regular basis for various service that I don’t provide but are sometimes needed as part of a video project I am working on such as voice overs, script writing and art work.

I don’t think it matters whether or not you’re a Top Poster but rather that the information you share here is either helpful or encouraging to others. In my opinion, building relationships is what builds any business. With you being the kind of person that has a desire to help others, you should have no problem building meaningful relationships here. I don’t even know you yet and I like you already : )


I wish Fiverr would remove the top poster feature, people are trying to turn posting into a game, once you do that it turns into spam with no value add, since a LOT of people post follow ups to questions that have already been answered, which is slightly annoying.


When i have had questions up that i am unsure of, people have posted on my forms answering my question and i normally automatically go and see what they are about by seeing what gigs they have, if they interest me then i probably would go and buy there gigs, so i think its good advertisement for people who post a lot.


yes, i still believe it will increase some traffic and sales.


I like to commiserate with fellow buyers here about things we have in common (as well as give support when I can) and while I don’t know if I’ve gotten any sales from here, I know I’ve bought some stuff from sellers here asking questions! I’ve also collected a lot of interesting gigs, so we shouldn’t dismiss sellers as buyers – the two overlap, a lot. In fact, I think sellers are a larger percentage of buyers than we might give credit for. Who else would know the best bets to get the things we want for that five?


Reply to @deaun1: Aw, thanks! The reason I aimed this post at Top Posters is because they are the most seen, perhaps “popular” members on the Fiverr Forum. Therefore, they would probably have a better idea if being so active and seen on the forum has affected their sales or anything. :slight_smile:


It definitely hasn’t helped me any… most people on the fiverr forums are not interested in what I have to offer. xD



"The forum is made out of 90% sellers. I can tell you that much."

I wonder how many of those sellers are also buyers. Either way, the way I see it is as long as you a productive and there is at least a small chance of exposure, it’s worth spending time on! The community being awesome also helps :slight_smile:


If I had more free time I would make more forum posts, and make an attempt (I would loose hough) at trying to be a top poster.

The top posters currently, from Princemaxx, to madmoo, howebideas and OBG I have real respect for these guys, with awesome social skills I can only dream of having (the burden of being scottish, or idea of social, is getting drunk and arm wrestling each other)

If Fiverr make any smart moves this year, one of them would be employing people like the top posters I mentioned above (and then some) as forum admins, to provide more indepth support to users, trouble shooting and removing spam/unecessary posts.

my 2 cents.


Reply to @madmoo: How did you become a ‘Sheriff’ on the forum?


Reply to @madmoo: Same here


I think the top poster feature is good. If someone is authentic and contributing good information, why not?

Sometimes competition motivates me to do better for myself.

It may sound lame, but I’m “mayor” of the library and the gym where I work out on Foursquare. It may sound cheesy but it motivates me to do these things that are good for me.

If ranking the top posters motivates folks to connect and take part here, then it could certainly be a good thing.

I have certainly looked at all kinds of sellers successful or not through these forums who I would not have otherwise come across.

Nobody should really post spammy info in any forum that is taken seriously and it’s possible to discern when one is blatantly doing so.


Makes sense I always woundered what those sheriff badges were!


Thats a point actually, does anyone know they are ? Just looks like a crazy star, I half expected to hover over it for an explanation of what the various badges mean